Daddy’s Girl

Countless Drops

Bouncing on Daddy’s knee

Was the first thing I would see

Each morning as I awoke

To take on a new day.

She was the love of his life

Right next to his wife

Her giggles infected him

Made his day a bit brighter.

He was a fireman by trade

Countless lives he did save

A job not many wanted

But he’d received the call.

Baby girl waited  by the door

But her Daddy came never more

As Jesus called him home

He had put out his last fire.

For days following the tears

Husband and Daddy remained dear

Memories never forgotten

As they walked through each day.

The photo on the floor

Sitting next to the door

Where Daddy’s girl would sit

Waiting for him but never more.

Terry Shepherd



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18 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

    • I am sorry you have not experienced this feeling. My Dad was my hero in my life. He passed a way five years ago leaving a huge void in me. I have never been the same but I do go on. I am so glad you stopped by to chat my friend

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