The Girl Who Tricked

Rich was a junior in high school. He had parents that were well-known in the small community. His mom was a nurse at the local hospital. His father was an estate attorney.

Rich always carried a bit too much flare when it came to his confidence levels. He knew he was popular. He knew his looks were better than most guys in his class. He wore the best clothes, the newest shoes.

But what lacked in Rich was the caring attitude that we so desperately need in this world. He was a ME guy. Everything he did and thought of was within the circle of his eyes.

It was nearing Halloween. A group of his friends were tossing ideas around on what tricks they could pull off without getting caught. After several talks they decided to soap and toilet paper the minister’s home.

Rich had his eye on Darlene, the minister’s daughter for months. She was a knock-out. Curvy little body, long blonde hair, sky-blue eyes. The problem was, Darlene wouldn’t give Rich the time of day.

He would leave notes at her locker. He had flowers sitting on her front window of her car. He had even taken the time to go to the store and buy her the most expensive card he could find and mail it to her. Nothing worked. He could have charmed the pants off a frog easier than he could get Darlene to look his way.

The night before Halloween, the group of guys went shopping for the soap and toilet paper. With all supplies bought, he anxiously awaited darkness to arrive Halloween night.

The guys gathered at the local burger joint. After eating they got in their cars and parked in the downtown public parking area. They put their black masks and gloves on and started towards the minister’s home.

There they stood, all silenced, excitement racing through their blood, scoping out the property. A rustling could be heard within the trees. No one took notice as it was a fall evening and there was a breeze that made you want to grab for your jacket.

Each one started taking one step closer to the front porch. As they approached they saw the big oak tree that during a hot summer day would provide ample shade. They got their toilet paper out and started tossing it up in the air. Before long it looked like long, white icicles were streaming from the roof top.

They covered their mouths to quiet the rumbles of laughter as they stood back and admired the work they had performed. Proud of their performance, a few of them sneaked around to the side of the house. They soaped the windows until no one could see either in or out of them.

Rich hung back as he wanted to be the sole person to soap Darlene’s car. He took the two bars of soap out of his pants pockets and walked towards her car. With one bar in his hand he started decorating her side windows as if he was an infamous painter.

He did both sides and the back window. Walking towards the front window he heard the rustling of the tree leaves again. This time it was a much rougher sound and it caused him to stop in his tracks and look up towards the skies.

At that precise moment, a creature jumped from the trees. It pounced on him so hard it knocked him to the ground. He immediately covered his face with his hands to protect himself.

He tried screaming out for help to his friends, but no sounds were to be heard. Two huge wings covered his body and whisked him up in the two, giant claw feet and carried him off to a tree down the street.

The creature let loose of her hold on him and he dropped gently in a pocket of branches. ” So, I hear you want to meet me. I have felt your stares through my clothes. I can hear your mind letting me know that you want nothing more to do with me than to get my clothes off and make a score you can brag to your friends about.”

Rich opened his eyes and looked up into piercing blue eyes. He could pick out the familiar sounds of Darlene’s voice, but this voice was ragged. A scary and lulling voice that make him want to pee his pants right there.

He started to say something. Anything that would help him escape the claws of this creature, but she leaned into him and covered his mouth with her beak. Forcing his mouth open she breathed a terrible taste into him.

It made him feel instantly dizzy, light-headed. He was scared. He tried to wiggle his way out from under her, but she had the wings of super powers. He tried once again to scream for his buddies, but his mouth became dry and frozen.

Darlene flipped him over on his stomach and started picking at his hair with that sharp beak. Within a few minutes she had picked him clean. He felt his head and tried to scream as he discovered he was totally bald.

She poked him over and over on all sides of his neck, leaving large welts. He looked worse than any Frankenstein anyone had ever seen. She flipped him back to his back side and picked at his forehead. She picked until she had opened an area wide enough to see part of  his skull and brain.

She ate a small part of him and then blew in some hot liquid out of her nostrils. With pieces of fine twigs and leaves she sewed him back together, like a newly formed nest. She picked him up, and flew him back to where her car was and dropped him down on the ground.

” I hope you enjoyed meeting me face to face Rich. I doubt you will ever forget this Halloween. In fact, I am pretty sure you will not even remember the Rich you once knew. For you will never walk the halls of school with an attitude that you are all that and more. You will coward in the halls, you will duck into the bathrooms. You will sit in the back row of classes. You will learn a lesson that not even your parents could ever teach you.”

With that, she flew back up into her tree, waiting for the next victim.





Do You Want to Help Me?

I am pretty well settled in my home now and that takes care of the big stuff. I have my health insurance which will start Jan. 1. I also have a part-time job which I start this Tuesday.

Except for learning my way around this quaint little town, and meeting new people, I am ready to begin thinking about writing a new book. I have been asked to write a pamphlet book on more detailed information about what MSA is really like. This book, if I choose it, would be pretty blunt, and may cause weakness in the stomach at times.

Others have asked me to compile a small book of my collection of poetry I write. I like either of these, but I want to try something that is more into the type of book that when you pick it up to read, you smile, or laugh, or don’t want to put it down.

Now that statement being written opens a whole new can of worms. Plenty of ideas to pop out all over the table. The problem is, I am not popping out anywhere, so I am coming to you.

Most of you have known me for a few years now and you probably know me better than I know myself at times, so  how about it? Can you give me your thoughts and opinions on a topic I should write about?


Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Twinkling stars

Eerie sounds

Flying ghosts

All around


Frozen and Batman

Zombies and more

Holding out sacks

For goodies galore


Sounds of cats

Screaming at nights

Hooty hoot owls

Screeching delight


The one night of year

When excitement is due

With witches and goblins

And everyone says BOO!

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





Marijuana, Pain Pills, and Natural Alternatives

I am sore and unsteady today. My feelings are more of sadness, thinking too much or maybe not too much of my brother Al. But, I changed my mind about blogging tonight after reading a dear friends post tonight. Her name is Sheri and here is here website.

Her post brought back the hole in my heart caused from the  overly medicated state  my brother became from medications with his MSA. I knew years ago that Al may die an earlier death than so-called normal people. This is true of so many that are mentally challenged.

I asked myself why bother. Why go back into details of my brother. It won’t bring him back. In fact, it places those sad memories on the front burner of my brain. I then knew that the reason I wanted to write was because I felt drawn to speak up on Al’s behalf for anyone who has a terminal illness or an illness that is ongoing like what I have; Diabetes.

In our Western world, doctors pump pills and patients usually take them without questions. We tend to lean on the idea that if we don’t pop pills, we can not be healed. We take so many antibiotics that our bodies can no longer fight infections as well, as it becomes immune, therefore causing what we have today known as Super Bugs.

The biggest Super Bug we have at this time is MRSA.

Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Staphylococcus aureus (or informally referred to as “Staph”) manifests itself in many ways, but is probably most famously known as “flesh-eating bacteria”. About 25% to 30% of the general population is colonized with Staph in their nose or on the surface of their skin, but if it finds its way beyond the skin barrier, it can cause a variety of infections, ranging from minor skin infections, including pimples or boils, to more serious infections that can lead to fatal outcomes, such as pneumonia or sepsis.

For many years, penicillin and methicillin were considered excellent treatments for Staph infections. Strains of Staph that are resistant to methicillin were first observed in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. However, in recent years, community-associated MRSA has become more prevalent. A recent article in JAMA estimated that in 2005, MRSA infected nearly 9,000 Americans, in whom 1 in 5 infections were deadly.

My brother was definitely very ill with MSA. It was a rare disease with no cure in sight. I don’t blame any doctors; for all they know how to do at this date is prescribe pills or liquids and patches for pain.

Again I repeat, each pill we take causes some level of side-effect. There are medications that can cause death. Even with my Diabetes, some of my medications slow down my metabolism, which keeps us diabetics on the heavy side. What we need is a medication that speeds up our metabolisms, helping us to lose weight, therefore keeping our sugar levels under control.

My brother was put on heavy-duty drugs to try to keep the pain away, but the high price he paid was a sooner death. Medications to help pain cause other infections. They can change the heart beat, cause UTI’s, even make our brains go hay wire.

If I could have had more choices in Al’s level of care and I had an abundance of funds, I swear after seeing what he suffered from side-effects, I would have moved us to a state where Marijuana was legal.

Sure, he was going to die, but just maybe he could have had some sort of normalcy during his months remaining. Instead what I saw was a brother who saw flowers dancing on the floor, or uncontrollable laughter or tears.

If I get a terminal illness, I don’t want to use the rat poison that is in Chemo Therapy. I want to try other countries ways of treating illnesses, without all the pill popping. There is herbal and Chinese, really there is so much more out in the world than what we see in front of our noses.

I guess I am done posting. I want you to  understand if I need a medication or you need one, I agree with going to the doctor, but a terminal illness; now that is the topic I am talking about.

I will always remember what my dad said three days before he died of Multiple Myeloma; which is; Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that is caused by malignant plasma cells that proliferate in the bone marrow and produce abnormally high amounts of a special protein.

He said he would have turned down the chemo and lived out his days with a natural outlook. No chemo, no tiredness, or vomiting, or weakness. He said he would have traded all that in for just a few more months of feeling better. I agree with him, after I took care of him and saw how he suffered, and worse yet, died anyways.

I know that seeing so much illness in my career, I don’t really want to know what is going on with me. I am afraid that I won’t enjoy my life. I will become obsessed with how I feel, doctors, medications. I would rather try a natural healing and enjoy my kids and grandkids to the end.

book 2

Can’t Get Those Words Out of my Mind

I went out with my family tonight to supper. I had fish for my meat selection and big, breaded mushrooms. Talk about going off the diet wagon. They then stopped here at my house for a short visit and then headed to their own home. I love spending time with them.

I think about my other kids and grandchildren back home and my heart pings a little as I realize how much I miss them. I am hoping to hitch a ride with my son-in-law when he heads back up north; then I will get to see everyone.

Today the clouds were put away and the big, warm sunshine came out. It felt wonderful to me. It is not supposed to rain for a few days now, so hope to really enjoy it. I think the temperature rose to 78 today.

Have you ever been doing nothing and suddenly some words pop into your head and you just can’t seem to rid them? I started doing that about fifteen minutes ago and now I bet I have repeated the words ten times in  my head. Is there some reason for this, or am I just getting crazy in my older years.

What was it that came alive in my thoughts? It was this.

Why in the world would a gal my age be pumping out the words to an old nursery rhyme? I do know that I feel a few hunger pangs in my stomach; but then again, I have never had porridge, so I don’t even know if I would like it.

I actually am considering having a bowl of cereal here in a few minutes. I  purchased Peanut Butter Cheerios tonight and it sounds pretty good right now. Either that or I will have a cut-up apple with some peanut butter on it. Do you like that? Or tell me what you like to snack on before bedtime.


Pease Porridge Hot

Pease-porridge hot,
Pease-porridge cold,
Pease-porridge in the pot,
Nine days old;
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.



Baby Boomers

Today on the morning news I was listening to a section where the topic was Baby  Boomers. Some of it was interesting. Other parts were on stuff we can not change since yesterday is gone.

I guess I fall into that category of the Boomers according to my birth year. I did listen closer when they started talking about our parents. Remember those earlier days when we were having our own babies? We swore that we were going to do things different from our parents. We laughed as we told friends about how our parents did things.

On the show and even in my own life I understood what the newscaster was talking about when he said we do turn into our parents. I can see many things that I do and certain ways I act and think that are so similar to my dad.

I always loved my dad and admired him as I was growing up. He was well-liked in our community. He had plenty to say and added laughter in almost every conversation. I didn’t like the way he didn’t show his feelings towards us kids and that is one thing I believe I did different with my own kids. I do tell my kids I love them.

In fact, if they were asked, they would probably say that maybe I say I love you, too often to them. I am not afraid to share with my kids whether it be good or bad news. I always knew my dad loved me, but a hug once in a while or those golden three words would have been nice also.

I even look like my dad too. When I discovered I had to walk the rest of my life without my dad after his death, I really hung onto the good things about him. So, for today, I smile when I think of him and I try to forget the things I didn’t care for that he did. After all, who of us are perfect, and which one of us were given an instruction booklet on how to raise our children.

After listening to the segment of Baby Boomers, I am proud to say today, that my dad was a pretty good guy and I am glad I act like him in so many ways, and that I look like him too.

What about you? Do you want to share how you feel about either or both of your parents now that you are grown? Proud, ashamed, wish for this or that? Please feel free to comment to me on this topic, Baby Boomers.

my mom and dadbook4book 2cropped-dahlia-front-cover.jpg

Elderly couple

A Quick Day

Today was a quick day. I got up and changed sheets on my bed. I swept and mopped floors and did a couple of loads of laundry. I decided to take a break and get online but about the time I did my phone rang.

It was a call that I had been keeping my hopes up for and it came. This in turn took away my break and I had to get dressed and leave. I spent the better part of the next three hours getting tests done. I didn’t expect all the extras in my time frame so my sugars dropped.

Thankfully it was carry- in day at the office I was at so they gave me a nice piece of apple/nut cake. It sure was good. It brought my sugars back up and I was able to drive to home where food was waiting to be fixed.

Have you ever been married and then divorced and ended up being better friends apart? This is what happened to my ex and I.  I hadn’t seen him for about three years. He now lives less than two hours away. He let me know he was coming by if I wasn’t busy.

When he arrived he took me out to supper. We visited and talked about old days. He helped me with a couple of odd jobs here that I had been struggling with. I can actually say it was nicer visiting than being married to him.

He says he will stop by again soon, and I agreed to this. No, no plans, no way, no relationship other than friendship. It just wouldn’t work. I had to add that part because I know a few of you are thinking ahead, so I had to take care of those wandering thoughts.

Tomorrow morning at 11 is my appointment with Humana. Still keep those fingers crossed that all goes well. I think if I heard right my daughter is going to play hair stylist with me tomorrow sometime also.

Now it is quiet again. I enjoy my quiet time; but I sure do enjoy having friends and family visits too. It isn’t good for the soul to be too alone too often, or at least this is the way I feel.

One thing I found today here at home was the flag that Al Forbes bought for my brother. It brought a few tears but not too many. I rather remembered better thoughts about Al than the sad ones of sickness.

I still have my times where I can cry and cry, but someone once told me here in blogger world that as time moves by, the good memories will replace the tears. I can see this happening a little at a time.

Although I still don’t know anyone around here except my family, I don’t see the wheelchair, Hospice, and all the sickness in my new place. It is easier now to bury the suffering he and I went through.

I shared conversation with my ex about Al and I noticed I was chatting about all the good times and very little about the sad times. This is a good feeling to me. He and I had very many difficult moments where we butted heads. With the illness on top, life seemed almost unbearable, but now it seems worth living again.


Life is what we make it

It can be good or full of shit

Fog slows us down

Sadness drags us to the ground

But then the sun rays show

That forward we must go

Thinking becomes more clear

But the love I will always hold dear

I wouldn’t change a thing today

About Al and his MSA

We shared many good days

And I put to rest the dark rays

Now when I say my brother’s name

I don’t play so much the game

Of tears and sleeping away

I can see it is a bright new day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd







Don’t leave me

Don’t go away

Stay by my side

Please don’t let me slide


I know you aren’t really here

I can’t see you anywhere

But I can still see our love

In my bed and right above


You left last week

You walked out on me

You said we were through

You wanted someone new


But I can’t let you go

I must feel you by my side

So I cling to memories

In my dreams, our love, you and me


You insisted on walking on

Take your clothes, take it all

But when you turned to leave

I stole our memories.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd