I Think of You

I Think of You


When I am all alone

And the world is speeding by

I think of you

Wondering where you are


I dream about your face

I can smell your scent

I think of you

Wondering where you are


I smile as I see

You walking by my side

I think of you

Wondering where you are


Whisk me away my love

Fly me to the moon

I think of you

Wondering where you are


When I am awake

I see dark in front of me

I think of you

Wondering where you are


I know you are not real

But I can sense you are near

I think of you

Wondering where you are

Written by,

Terry Shepherd








I’m Gonna Get Ya Sucker!

I was invited this early evening  to go to a fish fry given by a local church. I met a few of my friends there. The fish were being fried outdoors in electric fryers and the food and seating were indoors.

Although it is chilly enough I had to wear pants and a long shirt, it was still warm enough to have the double doors open. I ate more fish than I should have considering I had enough fish last night for dinner to last me for several days. The meal consisted of fish, french fries or onion rings, coleslaw and dessert. I knew I did a good job of eating when it was uncomfortable to stand and breathe.

Outside they had one of those air rides for kiddies. There was lots of laughter and the fun kind of screaming going on. A gathering of this kind always brings those uninvited guests and this was no exception.

Nobody wanted to talk to them. In fact, when too many were present, people got up and walked to another spot. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a physical fight happening as I looked around at the crowd and saw hands fighting the air. I heard some choice words being spoken. I could just tell that people wish these nasty guests would leave. I bet at least 50 or so came together in a crowd. They were determined to take over. I finally got fed up of moving spot to spot  so I said my farewells and headed to my car.

Would you believe they tried to chase me down? They wanted me to stay so they could do their thing. I told them no. I yelled leave me alone, but they ignored me. One of them actually sat on my car. How bold was that?  I hurried and got my camera and took his photo in case I needed evidence later, then I jumped in my car and locked my doors immediately. Calming down and thinking I am safe, I pulled my camera out and looked at the face I had photographed. Do you want to see why these guests were not welcomed? Alright, here is the photo.



Printing in 3-D for Body Parts

It always makes me feel a little strange when I read or hear about things that will most likely happen after I am deceased. I was reading this article in yesterday’s newspaper which talked about our future. I wanted to know what your thoughts on this topic were. Not that you will or not be living but the technology of it.

It is titled Printing the Future in 3-D

I have seen puzzles made in 3-D. I am sure if I think hard enough I have seen other things also. Now the scientists are figuring out how to use this knowledge and feed it into medicine. Where would we be without the brains in this world? Maybe not living in the cave days, but most likely not where we are today.

3-D printing is being tested in hundreds of ways the article states.They believe it can heal people. The process could duplicate copies of a damaged arm or leg. It could copy cancer tissues so doctors could figure out the best way to kill it.

Scientists are hoping to someday re-create who organs for people needing a new liver or heart. The 3-D process being used by a computer, receives its commands telling it where to place certain links. One by one, these ink drops create letters or pictures. The materials can be almost anything from plastic, to living cells and even metals. As each layer is built one at a time, the object is built.

Objects can be made in almost any shape. Because the layers are added one at a time this process is called additive manufacturing. With this new and fascinating process being made better and better, artificial body parts, known more as prosthetics is much cheaper.

Right now a prosthetic child’s hand may cost $25,000-$50,000 dollars, and of course as the child grows these parts would need to be replaced over and over. How many of us have these kind of dollars or that excellent of insurance?

With the 3-D process a prosthetic hand may only cost around $5.00. Wow, what a difference in price. Scientists hope to  have this easily available within 10 years. The printer will be able to make precise copies for each person. The body part will work better and last much longer. A part could be built in less than two days.

Already people are using 3-D printed hands, arms, hips, teeth, skulls, knees and ears. Printing live limbs is still many years away they state. The good news is that prosthetic 3-D body parts will move well and be available in a few years.

Isn’t it fantastic news for those who walk with difficulty or have one less arm than we do? Wouldn’t their lives change forever from this new strategy? So what do you think? Do you believe this can actually happen in time? I usually say that I am glad I am the age I am and will not have to see the gross things that will happen in our world; but this is one time I would love to be living and see the wide smiles on those that are made whole again or for the first time. The first photo below is;

The second photo is;

A 3D printer at the university has already built a prototype kidney.

These remarkable images show the groundbreaking advances scientists are making in the field of regenerative medicine, paving the way to print new body parts such as ears and noses.

Here is a video to explain more.

ear 2


Let’s Start This Day

Let’s Start This Day

Morning dawn

Crawl out of bed

I don’t know if I slept

I feel a little dead

No sun to see

Put slippers on

A chill in the air

I think summer is gone

Measure coffee to make

Go pee in the pot

Looking in mirror

Did I have a few shots?

Flip television on

Listen to the news

Nothing is good

Always gives me the blues

Brain starts to wake

Thinking of today

Guess I’ll get dressed

And be on my way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


cemetary day 3



Wiggle With Jello


I have been on the bored side the past two days. When I am bored, I bathe instead of shower. I watch more TV than listen. My home is like a rubik’s cube. Boxes everywhere. Fragile lining my living room. Everything else lined up in no real pattern in Al’s room. A few are scattered in my bedroom. It looks like a mess. Only when the last box is loaded on the truck will I believe this home looks neat and tidy.

I have called all Utility Companies and told them  to disconnect me on certain dates. I have given all information to the new owners. Tomorrow morning I take my car into the shop and have it gone through its annual physical. Do you think Medicare will pay that? LOL

I will run a few errands tomorrow and meet the gals at the Moose for dinner and music. I have one more time I can visit here. Monday I go to my doctor to get refills to hold me over until I locate a new doctor. I will get teary-eyed as I say good-bye. Once again this is a great doctor who also helped take care of Al until he went to Hospice.

I didn’t do crap today. Mainly because it is chilly and cloudy outside. I don’t believe we hit 60 degrees today. For the next few days it will be chilly here and cold at nights. I swear I am not turning on that big bad furnace. I will wait it out until I move. I will hibernate under my blankets like a bear hides in his cave. Maybe I will be forced to pull out the long johns and slide into them, the way this weather is going. Last year on this day it was a high of 96 degrees; big change isn’t it?

I have noticed the past two days the Halloween commercials are coming to life on television. I have to admit this helps me get a little excited about the decorations I shall soon see. I have seen one Christmas commercial. There is wasting no time for a big bang of a buck is there.

I am watching The Middle right now and even the topic is about Christmas. One of the kids asked his family, what is Christmas all about, what is life about?

Interesting topic but glad it isn’t based on toys and money only. The sad thing was neither parent answered his question.

I ruined my sleep for tonight. I took a nap today. I wasn’t really tired, I was more bored; but now I will be wide awake tonight. I already know the routine. I will have my regular snack at 11pm. Sugar-free jello with two tablespoons of lite cool-whip. I have it every single night. It satisfies my sweet tooth. It makes my Diabetes happy. My only fear is that doing this over and over my body may turn into a red ripple of gelatin with a touch of white in my hair. Oh well, there is zero calories in jello and in my lite cool-whip there is less than 10 calories and hey, they sell hair color kits in the stores, so I will take the risk. I haven’t heard about jello causing cancer, at least not as of yet.

Are you watching your sugars too like me? Have you ever tried a sugar-free buttercream frosting? If not, here is a video to show you the ingredients and directions.





Recipe for Diabetic Powdered Sugar

Makes 3-4 cups


  1. 1
    Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender.
  2. 2
    Whip until well blended and powdered.


Well, another episode of The Middle is on, so this means I have been yacking at you for half an hour. I better sign off or you won’t come back and visit. You all have a great night,  hugs and love, me.












cool whip strawberry jello salad




I Have Proof I Am Getting Older

I was looking at a small paper that comes once a week; a freebie. There are a few topics I enjoy reading other people’s opinions. Before I reached that point I saw this photo.

I looked at it not once, but a few times. Those eyes sure did look familiar. I had to go to the main article and read it. Oh my gosh, it was my 6th grade teacher at Lincoln School, here in Warsaw, Indiana.

I didn’t calculate how old I was back then. I do remember I really enjoyed her personality. I liked to be in her school and I remember she called my name several times. Some of those times were due to answering a question or asking me to be quiet.

She has volunteered for Hospice for several years now. I never had a chance to meet her while Al was on Hospice. I also learned she attended the same church as my brother did; but I never recognized her.

Wow, she was not only an excellent teacher, she was and still is an awesome lady. So proud of you Mrs. Carey for all you did for us students and what you do for patients in end-of-life situations today.


Mrs. Carey