Feb. 24th Update on Al

Hello my dear friends. I have been very busy. I have had too many days without help so it is slowing me and my energy down. I am more tired. Al is continuing to get worse. His fever is trying to stay high even through Tylenol.

Last night he scared the crap out of me. I tried to turn him over on his side. What I saw is what scared me. His half side of his face was white dots. I mean dots all over, every pore was filled. His ear was covered in white dots and down inside his ear.

He was able to talk just enough to let me know his throat hurt and his other ear was beginning to hurt. I looked inside his mouth and his tongue was a full dose of white polka dots.

It was late evening but I called Hospice anyways. Not wanting to come out, they were not sure what it was, but they did advise me of something to give him until they arrived this morning.

So all night I was up with Al fighting his fever and trying to keep him comfortable. He finally drifted off to sleep around 3am, then so did I, but was woken up at 7 by a text. I got up, realizing that my day was not going to be a good one to start and also I knew the shower gal would be here in one hour.

I decided to take a shower to help wake up. I am too old to go for a whole day with only four hours. The nurse did come this morning and I learned that Al is really fighting a fever now because the MSA is just running rampant inside Al. It is so bad that it is seeping out his pores.

What I was seeing last night was the illness itself. I felt at that moment I was going to be ill, and I could only imagine how my poor brother must be suffering. My day drug by and it went pretty slow. I never did take a nap but I hope to go to bed earlier tonight.

This evening Al was watching a movie of Laurel and Hardy.laurel and hardy I decided to take a couple of photos of Rhino, our cat and I did one sketch tonight. I thought I would share with you also what I did.

Please continue to pray for Al and me. I had a panic attack today but thanks to a dear friend online I was able to keep it at bay. I think I am just plain exhausted and I crave sleep. Hugs to you all and thanks for being patient with me for my lack of writing quite as often.

RhinoRhino 2flower


mountainsOh that I may stop in my tracks

Not looking back

No looking forward

Not saying a word

Just breathe deep

No eyes that weep

I will look all around

From heavens to grounds

I will give thanks for today

Get on my knees and pray

For I have had a chance

To live love and dance

And hopefully I will

Live another day still

And remember to say

Thank-you for one more day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Strangers In The Night




We met as strangers

I was sitting at the bar

He walked in and tipped his hat

We left together

He made love to me all night long

In the morning I awoke and he was gone

Was I dreaming, I rubbed my eyes

Or was this a stranger in the night.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Never give up your gifts so easily, choose wisely” T. Shepherd


One Blog Plus One Blog Equals A New Chance To Sketch

http://kattermonran.com    I was reading Al‘s blog. I just love what he does with his camera so I try never to miss a post. Tonight he was showing me a drawing he had done. He got the inspiration from another blog named, http://playamart.wordpress.com

So of course since Al liked it I knew I would too, so I hopped over to this brand new blog and looked at the fantastic art work. Now you all know I can’t draw with a crap, but the desire is deep within me, so I continue to make a fool out of myself by trying. I thought after I looked the fabulous art over I would give it a shot too. I knew I could not even  compare my work to theirs but you know what? I had a good time. While I was sketching I forgot about all that goes on around me. For ten minutes I was with me, all alone with my charcoal and pad.

So here is my version of what I saw and my little scribbles. You can see the fantastic work that was done on the second link I gave you, but please don’t compare theirs to mine. I don’t want you to laugh until you wet yourself.

art leaves

Take Me Back

Take Me Back

Take me backEarly Childhood

To where I once breathed

I saw through innocence

I played without fear

Where each day was exciting

Love was everywhere

Tears came slowly

Laughter poured deeply

Take me back

To my once inner child

Let me relive in a different way

Let me experience it all over again.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


What I Did For Love

What I Did For Love

I never knew how

My life was being played

I only knew my heart tugged

At the thought of others

Needing a kind word

A hand on theirs

I followed my heart

And let the world

Go about its business

I will stand here

In your sight

Giving you all

I have in my

Own heart and soul

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Oct.12, 2013





If he gets laid off

Will you stand strong

If he falls

Will you pick him up

When he weeps

Will you wipe his tears

When he errors

Will you understand?



Men are to be strong

But sometimes we are wrong

For they have hearts

And can fall apart

They need us too

Just like me and you do.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd




Yesterday Once More

yesterdayLooking back yearning

For what  once was

Lonely heart

Beating faster

As I remember

The way life

Used to be

Oh bring me

One more chance

To place everything

Back to yesterday

Yes, I see you

In my vision

Mom, Dad

Family, friends

I see your smiling faces

Let me drown in

Your beautiful memories

Let me live

Yesterday once more.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Oct.10, 2013