Happy Birthday to You

Today is my brother’s birthday. He would have been 59. My heart is not healed enough so thinking about this topic squeezes my chest. I look at AJ, my new dog, and I also say Happy Birthday to him.

I don’t know when AJ was born, but because he walked into my life to help fill a void of Al passing, I think I shall place AJ’s birthday on the same day as my brother.

So since it is fairly nice outside. No winter boots or heavy coat here in Indiana today, AJ and I shall celebrate this double birthday by going for a walk. I will let him see more of the area where we live.

I will take my camera and hopefully be able to get a shot in or two. AJ is doing fantastic on potty training but walking on a leash is not something he has become used to. I think he is pretty smart, and this is the reason why.

I offered him a treat for doing his business outside instead of inside the house. He jumped up on me. The next time I offered him a kibble, he jumped; so I waited and with held.

When he sat down I gave him the treat. From that time on he had it. Each time he gets a reward of goodies he immediately sits. He wants to be with me at all times and he gets upset if he can’t see me. Oh it isn’t because I am so beautiful. It is because he knows I am his mama.

He fights going into his crate so when it is time I now place a treat inside the cage. He goes in with a little nudge instead of the usual bulldozer push. When I shut the door I offer him one more treat and praise him for going in much easier. He has now learned that pretty well. Just another couple of times and we may have that habit licked of fighting going in.

Al, it is going to be sad in my mind and heart at times today, but AJ and I will do the best we can at celebrating your birthday. I love you buddy and miss you terribly. I so wish you were here. Last year at this time so many friends and bloggers signed your birthday page. Today, I can go to it since I was smart and saved it, and smile as I see all the well wishes.

Alvin when he was little

God Did It Just Right

It’s been quite a day. I changed my bedding. I then began cleaning house. I went to hang something in the hall closet and smelled what seemed like death. I thought, oh my gosh, that mouse is dead in here.

I tore the closet apart with my bare hands. With my teeth gritted together I tore at anything that was boxed and quickly threw it on the floor in fear a live or dead mouse would jump out at me.

Nothing but a few mouse droppings. I swept and steam-mopped the closet and put everything back in nice and clean. I guess that mouse drove me to Spring cleaning, darn mouse.

The mouse trap I put peanut butter on has not been touched in three days. There is no more signs of any mouse under the cupboards. Maybe the little bugger is gone.

So the whole day was spent cleaning. Then this afternoon I saw something on my postings at Facebook. It was a dog, a cute dog that looked at me with eyes of love. Through talking and working things out I got a new pet at a price I could afford.

God had it all planned out to the letter T. I don’t have much money, but a friend owed me some money. The money arrived right before pick-up of the dog. The supplies to take care of the dog, you know, food, treats, chew toys, his crate came to about just the right amount of money my friend gave me. It was planned by God. It just worked out too well, and the timing could not have been better.

So here is my new pet. A schnauzer. He is six months old. I don’t think he is full-blood, but I can definitely tell he is one. I named him after my brother. So his name is AJ. Monday I will call and make an appointment to get his shots and neutered.

My new dog

God Sent a Dog



It was a windy day. The bitter chills made Jerry sink down inside his jacket. Snow flakes were gently falling. He blew into his hands trying to warm them up. He watched people pass him. Thinking he was invisible until one child walking with her mommy stopped and stared at him.

” I’m not invisible afterwards. The guy who had stepped on my foot was just rude.” He pulled his hat farther over his ears and prayed. ” Lord, if there is a God, well, if you are really real, can you do me a favor? Can you get me out of here? Can you get me off of the streets? I promise if you help me, I will do anything you ask Lord, anything.”

He sat there shivering, continuing to watch people. No one stopped, no one talked. The world seemed to be a place where no one gave a damn. There once was a time when he felt like the world was all his. He worked. He had a nice pad. He had grabbed  an opportunity and ran with it. Now those days are gone.

He looked down at his tethered jacket. Frayed and worn it did its job. It kept the cold a little farther a way. He once wore pin-striped pants but had traded them in for these jeans. They only had a couple of small holes and the snap was gone, but he fixed it by using a safety pin.

Yes, one time he had dined on fine food and he remembered back to the company he had kept. Nice people, good people. He put his hand inside one of his pockets of his coat and pulled out a wrinkled, brown bag.

He had discovered it this morning on his way to his usual spot. He hadn’t taken the time to search through it. He never wanted to be caught going through others trash bins. Now he slowly opened it up. Inside was a nice, red apple. There was also a half-eaten sandwich.

Looks like it was a turkey and cheese sandwich. Someone must have been in a hurry. They had only taken a couple of bites and threw it back in the sack. Jerry turned it over a couple of times. He made sure there wasn’t anything crawling or poking out.

He took a bite thinking not too bad but a little dry. He bit into the sandwich again when he saw a dog coming towards him. The dog came up and sat down beside him. He looked a little rough for wear.

” Hey mutt, where did you come from? Did you smell my food? What you doing out in this weather? Did you run a way from home? Or did you get in trouble and they threw your butt out. Or maybe they just got plain tired of you and opened the back door, just like they did to me.”

The dog looked at Jerry and then down at his hands. Jerry had a soft spot for animals. He used to have two dogs of his own. He tore off a small piece and resting it in his hand waved it in front of the dog.

The dog sniffed at it and then ate it without really chewing it. The dog wanted more but Jerry said, ” Now go a way. I gave you some. Go, shoo, get out of here. Go find someone who can do more for you.”

The dog didn’t leave. In fact, he sat closer to Jerry. He laid his head in his lap and looked up at Jerry with those big brown eyes. ” Oh now, come on mutt. You know I don’t have anything else for ya.”

Jerry felt inside his other pocket and pulled out a glass bottle. He had found an old gin bottle in the trash last week. He stopped at a gas station and using the bathroom he had scrubbed the glass clean with hand soap and rinsed it with as hot of water he could get. He filled it with water and now was the perfect time to get a drink to wash that bread down.

Jerry’s belly felt a little better but his heart still felt empty. He was getting sleepy but there was no where to escape to get out of the cold. He took a deep sigh and looked down at the dog still resting in his lap.

His cold fingers touched the warm skin and the two bonded. Petting the dog, gave him a sense of belonging. He felt a little less empty. From a distance he heard yelling. As it got closer he could make out words. ” Rusty, Rusty where are you? Come on Rusty, play time is over. Time to get going home. Come on Rusty.”

Jerry looked down at the dog. ” Is your name Rusty?” The dog’s ears perked up a bit, but as the voice came closer the dog sat straight up and began wagging his tail. Jerry looked in the direction the dog was facing and instantly buried his head deep within his coat.

” Rusty, you darn dog. There you are. Why did you take off on me like that for? You know better.” The man was standing next to Jerry and the dog now. He looked down at the bum and took notice of how he looked.

” Mister, mister, are you alright? Do you need some help?” Jerry raised his head slowly looking up into the man’s eyes. ” Jerry, is that you Jerry? Well, what in the hell are you doing out here in the cold? And where did you get those clothes, out of some trash bin?”

Jerry didn’t answer. The man sat down beside him. ” It’s me Jerry. I’m Alan, remember? I worked with you. It’s been some time since I have seen you. Always wondered what happened to you.”

The man became silent. It was like putting the pieces of the puzzle together then he spoke. ” Jerry, listen. I know what they did to you wasn’t right. Just because a company decided to down size shouldn’t mean they get rid of their better people. You had been there for years. I suppose that is why they let you go.”

Jerry looked into Alan’s eyes. They became teary and he felt a lump in his throat. He turned and looked in the opposite direction, not wanting Jerry to notice his despair. Alan stood up and hooked the leash back onto the dog’s collar.

” Stand up Jerry, come  with me. About the same time that good old Duke took off running I had a voice whisper to me. I just hear two little words. I brushed them off but now I think those words were meant for me and you. The words were, help him.”

Jerry thought back to earlier when he had prayed. Had God sent this dog and this man to help him? Was he going to answer his prayer and get him off the streets? Alan helped Jerry to stand. Wrapping his arm around Jerry’s shoulder he said, ” Come on Jerry. Come home with me. Let’s get you some food and into some clean clothes. After that I have a business opportunity to talk to you about.”

A Dog Named Boo

A dog with no name

I saw you looking up at me

When I was driving by

You looked at me and I think you said

Please give me a hug and wipe my eye.

Your hair I noticed is such a mess

It hangs down in your face

Has someone left you behind

To fight this human race?

I pulled my car over and shut it off

I opened my door and walked towards you

I don’t know if I’m doing right or wrong

But I have to do what I must do.

I held out my hand and bent so low

You didn’t back off or seem afraid

You came closer to me being a little shy

Please trust me now don’t walk a way.

I went back to the car and got a blanket

I brought it to you and you let me wrap you up

I carried you gently and placed you on the seat

You sat very still you didn’t even fuss.

I’m taking you home with me today

I will clean you up and wash your hair

I have been praying for some companionship

I think you and I can connect and share.

Once inside the house I put you down

You looked around but didn’t stray

I found you some food and I hope you will eat

What a good job you did there’s none to throw a way.

A bath I am giving you now you smell so good

I combed out your hair and you sat very still

I see your eyes follow me where ever I go

And now you are sitting on my lap at your own will.

I am so thankful that I passed your way

I realize I needed you more than I knew

The Lord answered my prayer of a companion today

I love you my new friend, you are my dog named Boo.

Terry Shepherd