Fairy Tales

Once upon a time in the land of every day living a woman looked out her window. A car had pulled up in her drive way. Julia didn’t recognize it. She stood up and quickly walked to her full-length mirror. She placed some stray hairs  back in  place.

She was still in her night-clothes and now she did not have time to change. The door bell rang and she asked, “Who is it”?

On the other side of the door a voice said,” It is me Julia. You had invited me many months ago. Now I am here. May I come in?”

“What is your name sir? I don’t remember inviting anyone here”. she said to the stranger.

“Please let me in. You will recognize me once we begin to speak”. Julia knew that she should not open this door but something internally nudged at her. She slowly opened the door a crack and peeking out she saw a man standing there. Very nice looking. Neatly trimmed beard. Clothes all with matching attire. He took his hat off and nodded at her. With a beautiful smile he said, ” Do you remember now pretty lady? It is I the man in your dreams”.

Julia stood back for a second slowly remembering the  many dreams she had. They seemed to go on for ever and ever. Dreams to take her a way to a beautiful sunset near an ocean.

She slowly opened the door and invited him in. He stepped through the door and laid his hat on a nearby chair. She shut the door and showed him to a comfortable chair. The two sat quietly for a moment.

” I have come to take you a way dear lady. I am sorry I have not been here sooner but I have been very busy”, the stranger said. Julia blushed as she realized this man knew all of her inner most desires.

” Are you ready to go? We must leave soon or we will not be able to go today. Please do not worry about packing a bag. I have everything that you will ever need”.

Without hesitation Julia stood up and went towards him holding her hand out. He reached for hers and the house became silent. It was if they were floating in air. Traveling through time she opened her eyes to see them standing on a beautiful white beach.

The grains of sand so fine that her feet felt like they were standing in cotton. Waiting near by were attendants to wait on her every whim. There was a gazebo with colors of the skies. Inside was a sunken couch and a couple of chairs.

A man dressed in only a loin cloth walked towards her. He held out his hand and placed hers in it. Julia turned to thank the stranger but he was gone. She followed the man and he helped her get comfortable on the couch.

Soon others were bringing her cool drinks and food. Grapes and strawberries were among the cheeses that lined the golden plate. One attendant drew a chair up close to her. He sat near her feet and began to take off her slippers.

Julia rested her head back as she felt warm oils being massaged into her tired old feet. She must have fallen asleep because when she awoke she was no longer in her house coat. She was adorned in white and gold.

A flowing white dress with a gold belt. Atop of her head rested a crown made from gold trimmed in white. Strands of gold rested gently around her neck. Her skin shone from oils. No longer were there callousness and wrinkles. Skin so soft and supple.

Another servant came to her and helped her to stand up. He walked her to another section of the beach where a small orchestra was waiting for her. There was a square table with white linen draping it. Sitting on top were two virgin white candles. Their  flames softly blowing in the breezes.

The gentlemen began to play  music. He took her in his arms and they waltzed. Julia’s head was spinning. She felt like she was in heaven. Never before had she experienced anything like this. Every worry had vanished. Every ache within her body gone. There were no signs of her job as a housekeeper to be found.

The two continued to dance for what seemed hours. Douglass spun her around. The two became as light as air. He bent in and softly kissed her neck and behind her ears. The kiss he placed on her lips sent shivers throughout her body. She leaned into him and his hands felt the dip in her back and he held her close.

When the music ended he led her to the table and helped to seat her. Servants brought pheasant and lamb. The brightest colors adorned their plates as fresh vegetables were being placed next to the meats.

The two ate saying nothing. With eyes only did they speak  to each other. From under the table she could feel his feet brushing against her legs. After they finished their meal he led her to another gazebo. This one was entirely black with silver sequins. When the breezed moved it looked like stars were dancing for the two of them.

Inside was one bed. He laid her on it. The orchestra could be heard softly playing in the background. He made love to  her like no other had ever done. He found erotic spots that she never knew she had. Her body felt like it was rising above her as he took more and more of her. At the precise moment he put her flaming fires out.

The two rested in each others arms and fell asleep. When she awoke she was in her house coat. She looked down at her feet and her slippers were where they had always been.

She looked around her home. It was dark outside. There were no more servants or white pearls of sand. Silence replaced the softly playing orchestra. Sitting beside her on her tray was the remains of her soup she had been eating.

She had been dreaming again or had she. Her inner spirit felt new again. She carried hope and faith for a new beginning. She got up and peeked out the window but saw nothing. She walked in the bathroom and saw sparkles in her eyes. There were specks of gold hiding in her hair. She moved her hand to her neck where she felt one thin strand of gold.

English: Julia Butterfly or Julia Heliconian (...

She smiled to herself. Dream or not it was so real. She walked into her bedroom and got ready for bed. She shut the lights off.

Daily Prompt; Call Me Ishmael/ The Daily Post

Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.


Once upon a time in a land of  Neverland there was a baby girl born.

She was the apple of her parents eyes because they believed they were so forlorn

She graced their days with laughter and delight


They adored tucking her in every single night

She grew and grew until she was grown

She followed the path they seeded and sown

Now she was going to marry a prince

The parents had dreamed of this ever since

Their toddler was dressed in mommy’s clothes

Complete with white dress and shoes that showed tiny toes

Her father walks her down the aisles

And all I can do is sit here and smile

I wish for her happiness and bliss

When the vows are spoken and the prince doeth kiss

I hope and pray that you love and care for her

Honor her with gold and love and myrrh

Be happy today now little girl grown

Now go and grow a child of your own.

Terry Shepherd




FWF Free Wrote Friday; Inspired by Waiting Bridges

waiting bridgeThe sun was shining through the trees. Casting shadows that shimmered  through the leaves. The wooden plank delivered two souls in to one.

Standing at the far end, looking, shading eyes not missing any movement. She was waiting for the one who could fulfill every desire bubbling within her.

This is where the two had met at an earlier time. Each walking deep in thought. Looking into each others eyes as they passed. His brown eyes brought a spark to surface. Her blue eyes, were deeper than any blue waters he had ever seen.

Walking past each other, slowing down, stealing a glance back at each other. A pause in step; stillness all around, as their eyes locked on to each other. Neither daring to move, for fear the magic of the moment may disappear.

Slowly turning around, softly stepping towards each other. They come close enough to touch, but the only movement was the heart beats locking on to one another. “Hi, my name is Sean”. “Hi, my name is Autumn”. ” Do you walk this way often”? “Yes, every morning, but today is different. I had things that kept me a way until now”. “This is my lucky day then”.

He is so handsome, she thought. She is more beautiful than any summer day, he thought. Eyes looking into eyes, hands slowly reaching to each others cheek. Fingers caressing lips. The two drew close until they could feel the breath of the other. He tilted her chin up and brushed her red pouty lips. She returned his kiss by slowly opening her mouth.

” I have dreamed of you. You came to me last night. Your lips touched mine as you have just touched my lips. I am a virgin, and I have been waiting for my prince to come swoop me up into his arms and love me for the rest of my life” she softly spoke.

He bent into her ear, softly leading his tongue, outlining the edges. He bit ever so softly on her lobe, sending shivers racing down her spine. He stood back up and locked eyes with hers. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the grasses that wrapped themselves around the bridge.

He laid her down and she watched as he unbuttoned each of his pearly white buttons. She drank in the ripples of his muscles as he unlatched his belt and undid the silver buttons that protected his manhood.

He leaned over her and turned her neck to one side, and with hot breaths he kissed her neck. He knelt down and let his warm hands slide under her petticoat, sliding it down,exposing her garden to him.

He kissed her inner thighs with passion, moving himself closer to the offering he was about to receive. Within moments the two became one. The birds flew above the trees. The sky became bluer. The sun shone brighter.

Explosions of fireworks colored the forest. The flowing waters  beneath the bridge became calm. The breathing slowed. The dream became reality. Now as she stood at the end of the long bridge, shading her eyes, missing no movement, she waited for her prince to come to her rescue once again.


Just A Dream For One Day


Bethany rose to her door being opened by her personal maid. She rubbed her eyes and blinked as the maid lifted her window shades. Her breakfast was placed on the side table, and as Bethany yawned, waking up to the morning sun, she glanced over her foods and smiled, as her favorite, Belgium waffles and fresh strawberries, with maple syrup were waiting to be eaten.

The maid bid her a good morning, and told her she would return in thirty minutes to pick up her tray. Bethany used her hands to let her know it was alright to leave. As Bethany was eating, she watched out her bedroom windows, and was taking in the moving clouds. She heard people’s voices beneath her, and knew that cousins had come to pay her a visit.

Bethany wanted to have fun today, and maybe she could talk her cousins into going out back to the pool and enjoying a swim. She was so lost in her thoughts of herself, that she didn’t hear the knock at the door, announcing the maids return.

The maid carried fresh towels on her arm, and took them into the huge bathroom and Bethany could hear the tub being filled for her bath. Sara, the maid, walked out of the bathroom, and removed the tray from the room. Upon returning, she went to Bethany’s closet and together the two decided what clothing would be worn today.

The bath water was ready, and dropping her house robe, she stepped into a rose petal bath. Sara, let her soak for a while, and went to the bed and began to make it, making sure there were no wrinkles in sight, and fluffing the bed pillows.  She tidied up and emptied the trash from the prior evening.

As she walked back into the bathroom, Bethany announced she was ready to be bathed. Sara began by using the bath sponge and letting the roses pour over Bethany’s body, and then proceeded to bathe her, dry her off, and helped her to get dressed.

Sara then left the room and went about her next task, knowing she would not be needed  here until bed time. Bethany walked down the curved stair way, and welcomed her cousins with a peck to each cheek and a smile showing beautiful white teeth. They made their way out into the courtyard, and shared tea and played catch-up on conversations since their last visit.

They decided to all go to the barn and ask the stable boy to saddle up the horses for the three of them. Upon the request being completed, the three ladies took off for a gallop through the country side. There were two hundred acres for them to ride through, and from the distance of the house, you could observe great horsemanship.

Two hours later, they came back to the stables and handed the reigns over to the worker and taking hankies from their breast pockets, they each wiped their brow, and were exclaiming how the day was heating up nicely.

Walking through the kitchen door, the server announced that lunch had been prepared for the three of them, and they were to take their seats in the dining room. Broasted chicken, cheese and crackers, fresh strawberries and grapes were laid elegantly on each plate, with a glass of water and white wine sparkling beside each setting.

The ladies sat down and continued their chatter and decided to make plans for next month to meet in the city and shop and have lunch together. After the luncheon was over, Bethany walked her cousins to the front door and once again gave each a peck on each cheek and wished them a safe trip home.
The rest of Bethany’s afternoon was spent swimming and writing and an afternoon nap. She awoke to the sounds of the dinner bell, and got up and checked herself  in the mirror, making sure her hair was still in its place, and walked into dinner. Pork chops, fresh carrots, a baked potato, with butter and sour cream, and a nice garden salad was the menu for this evening. This was the time of day that Bethany and her parents dined together. Each telling of their day, and discussing any family or business matter. Formal was the word. No laughter, no real joy, just a meeting place to touch base.

After the dinner was over, the butler announced that she had a visitor, and when she entered the parlor, there he stood in the doorway, the gentleman who had been courting her for several months. Bethany asked him to come in and she excused herself and went to tell her parents that she would be going out for an evening stroll with her beau.

Upon leaving the home, Bethany and her beau made their way to the swing that set directly under the huge apple tree. They both sat down and then he took her in his arms and kissed her lips and neck, sending shivers down her spine. She returned his kisses, letting him know that her body longed for his.  He took her hand and helped her rise from the swing, and walked her a few feet away and gently laid her on the soft grass and placed his hand in all of her warm places and while kissing her, he made her his once again.

Afterwards, the two walked slowly back to the house, promising to see each other again very soon. Bethany kissed him good nite and watched him until she could no longer see him as he drove out of the long driveway.

Bethany entered the house and went up the stairway, and entered her bedroom, greeting Sara, who was ready to help her get ready for bed.