Picture It And Write/ Ermilia


Oh how glorious

How delightful

To let this bed

Take me where

Once sugar-plum

Fairies danced in my head

Dreams of pink elephants

Visions of lollipops

Reliving my innocence

All over again

Pretty dresses

In ruffles of white

Black patent leathers

With shiny buckles of gold

Lacy white anklets

Twirl in circles

Of delight

Golden locks

Sway gently

In the breeze

What has happened

To these light

Hearted days

Why is it so

Hard to find them

I guess time has taken

And people have spoken

And babies were born

And words said I do

Have done the impossible

Turned me from a child

To the woman I am  today.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Picture it & Write/ Ermilia


Twinkling stars

Clear nights

Chill in the air

Roaring fire

Crackling and sparks

Good friends

Hovering near

Laughter ringing


Children running

To and fro

Great food

Toasted on sticks

Sounds of

Hoot owls

Scurrying of possum

Fighting the


Swatting the flies

All cuddle on benches

And chairs and swings

Popping hot squishy


Straight in our mouths

Roars of laughter

As our lips turn white

This is what campfires

And families

Are all about

On a bright crisp night.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


_Picture it & Write

http://ermiliablog.wordpress.comumbrella lady

She looked both ways, and made sure her parents were sleeping sound in the room next to hers.

She was infatuated with the man she was going to meet. Her parents hair would stand on end if they knew she was meeting a commoner. She was in love, and there was no turning back now.

She had been secretly meeting John for several weeks. Each time they met she would be fascinated with his stories. He had sailed the seas. He was a fisherman. He had traveled to so many countries.

His stories took her on adventures she would never experience in her life time. Her days of growing up were spent in boarding schools. In class all days with girls didn’t give her much excitement but did provide many fantasy dreams.

She had walked to town one fine afternoon to mail a letter for her Mother. Across from the Post Office laughter could be heard. A few guys were smacking each other on the backs and smoking pipes, as if they had just finished dinner.

When she walked by she tucked her head into her umbrella but John had noticed her. He whistled and made a few remarks that turned her ivory cheeks crimson. He followed her into the post office and exiting he took her arm and stopped her.

When she looked up into his eyes she saw the longest black lashes silhouetting big brown eyes. Two dimples formed when he smiled and asked her name. She was mesmerized. She knew that Mother would be tugging at her arm and dragging her a way from this scene, but her feet were frozen and she told him her name was Violet.

“Beautiful name, Violet, and skin like the petals.” Without asking her  permission he walked with her until they came to the gates of her home. He made it clear he would like to see her again by caressing her chin.

She told him she could not see him again as her Mother would disapprove, but he took no for an answer.

“Meet me tonight at the gardens. When do your parents retire for the evening?”

“They are usually asleep by 11.”

“Then leave then, Violet, don’t let me down.”

Smiling at him she said,”I will do my best John.”

From then on every night they met at the gardens and the two sat on the bench and talked about everything. She spoke to him about her schools and he told her about his sailing. With each passing night she was putty in his words.

One night as they were parting ways he leaned down and kissed her lightly. She stood on tip toes and kissed him back.

Tonight she was meeting him once again but was thinking about making her dream fantasy become a reality.

Picture It & Write


Being young and innocent

Free of all cares

In the presence of love

Nothing to stress

Life is good

Life is free

Love is wonderful

Alive every moment

Money in the bank

Jobs are secure

Isn’t life grand

The day after

You are married?

Terry Shepherd


Picture it & Write; May 5/2013


When Kaylee was born she came with a roar. She was screaming as though she had been frightened for her life.

As days went by she would cry at the very moment we all thought was calm. She was like a roaring wave coming closer and closer. If you got too close the wave would suck you under.

Doctors and specialist began the hunt to learn what made this beautiful baby act like she was mad at the world. Tests came back negative. Doctors were scratching their heads. It was as if they were all sitting on a ten-year old tree stump.

At the end of a long journey of failed attempts, it was agreed that this precious child just had one of those personalities. Weeks turned into months and soon Kaylee was old enough to start eating finger foods.

There were many days where the parents along with baby Kaylee enjoyed many meals together. Then there were others, where Kaylee was fed first, leaving cold food for the adults to eat.

Many nights were spent with hearing cries coming from a room at the top of the stairs. It wasn’t the baby. It was the mother. Exhaustion and stress from trying to understand what had gone wrong finally tore at her soul. In order to strip herself and start with a new heart she would cry herself to sleep.

On one trip to the grocery store Mom bought a box of Fruit Loops. The next morning instead of giving the usual jar of baby food she placed the colorful rings in a bowl and sat it on Kaylee’s high chair tray.

Kaylee studied the pieces and touched them. She started to giggle then she would pick up each piece and lay it outside of the bowl. She was happy. Her Mom could do nothing other than sit at the table and be amazed by what she saw.

It was as if Kaylee was fascinated by the different colors. After playing with the pieces she then put one in her mouth and soon was reaching for three or four at a time. Mom smiled as this was a rare treat. She wanted to savor every moment.

From that day forth Fruit Loops were the breakfast choice for happiness. Mom studied books and researched the internet for ways to add color to a boring meal. In no time at all, peace was floating throughout the house. Screaming had faded in  memories.

As Kaylee grew older she was surrounded by colorful toys and teddy bears. Her room was done in bright pink colors. Even her clothes were bright and cheery. The parents never knew what color and happiness had to do with each other, but they were happy to do what ever it took.

Today many years later these parents are standing in a large auditorium, taking pictures and clapping hands as their only daughter crosses the stage to receive her diploma. She had soared through college and had been financially taken care of by two scholarships.

In two weeks she was going to be starting her new life in a career of being a teacher, an art teacher.

Picture It & Write


Is this really me I am seeing staring back at me? It can’t be, because this woman I see in my mirror is beautiful, and I am so ugly. I am fat and he has told me so many times over the past years that he felt sorry for me.

He wanted me to know that I wasn’t alone, that he would always be near my side any time. He told me lies. He helped me to believe that no other would ever desire me and because he cared about me he would always try to make me feel beautiful. I have learned that he needed me. But I didn’t realize at that time that I did not  need him. I I was the rabbit and he was the hunter with the gun.

Holding me captured not by his physical power but by his words so full of emotion. Tearing down any self-esteem I may have ever had. Forcing me to believe that I was  a fat worm in a rotten apple.

He never paid any attention to me until I blossomed at 13 years old. I was very shy as a child and when he smiled at me I liked it. He had a way of making me feel so special. I got extra pretty birthday gifts. For Christmas I received expensive gifts. One long box that I opened had my first diamond necklace in it.

He took it out of the box and raised my hair to place it around my neck. I could smell his Old Spice and feel my hairs standing on edge as he breathed so close to my neck. He lured me as a fisherman brings in a beautiful bass.

He took my trust and innocence and broke it into millions of tiny sharp shards  all over the floor. He did this on one night when a knock came to my door and when I learned it was him, I innocently opened it and he stole from me all that I had saved for many years.

Now today years later and an excellent therapist, I look into the mirror and try to do my exercises I was given. I stare at my reflection and I force myself to look close. Is this really me?

Picture it & Write, Blind Sight Edition

the moon








The moon was bright as he made his way out into the dark streets. The lamp posts joined with the moon gave enough light to see where he stepped.

Dressed in dark clothing he walked towards one lighted post. Standing under it giving off a soft glow he waited. I peeked out my bedroom window to gaze at the stars. Dressed in my nightgown shivers rippled down my spine as I spotted the night walker.

My eyes fixated on him, drying out from lack of blinking I wondered if he could see me too. I pulled my collar closer around my neck and pulled my vanity chair closer to the window. As if I was sneaking around I sat down trying to be so motionless, less I catch his eyes looking in my direction.

The stranger paced back and forth. His stride taking in the specks of glass on the sidewalk  reflecting from the light. He stopped and turned. Did he see me? He pulled his wide-brimmed hat down towards his chin. Maybe he was getting chilled as I was.

The game of mouse to see who would catch who first. He turned and looked. He was looking in my direction. Oh my God, has he seen me staring at him without permission?  I froze in my seat. I breathed when forced. He quickly looked a way and I breathed slowly out.

He glanced up and down the streets and then moved a way from the light and out of my view. I leaned over to my vanity and took a cigarette out of the gold holder. My hands shook as I tried to light it. I inhaled deeply hoping that the drug would bring a peace over my trembling body.

I put the butt out in the ash tray and started to stand to pull the blinds shut when I caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye. My God, he is back. Cemented to my chair I didn’t move. My eyes couldn’t do anything but blink. Fluttering and causing my eyes to water. I squeezed them tight trying to wash a way the fear.

I saw two lovers holding hands on the opposite corner from him. He made no motion to approach them as they stopped to embrace each other. They continued their walk and I saw the black shadow take something out of his shirt pocket. A dim light proved to me that he was a smoker.

What is he doing? I can see him pulling something else out of his coat pocket. Is he going to try to hurt me? Is he angry because I have been spying into his private life?  I lean down a little as to hide my body but unable to take my eyes a way from him. I know my shadow still reflects in his view.

I see him take the item and place it to his ear. He is talking on a cell phone. My God woman, you are losing your mind. You have let the shadows over take your mind. The eerie moon with the deformed shadows have spooked you. .

Just because he reminds you of the story long ago about the headless horseman doesn’t give you permission to flip out now.  I watch him still unable to move. I see another form walking up the street.She is coming his way.

I suck in my breath waiting to see what he will do as the stranger comes closer. She approaches him on the same side of the street. Watch out lady. He is up to no good. Cross the street lady. Get on the other side. Better yet, turn the other way and run for your life.

She comes closer and he is standing still watching her every move. Closer she gets. My breathing has stopped.  I watch my hands glued to the edge of my seat. She is there. She is standing in front of him.

The two bodies are facing each other. The moon gives off a bright glimmer that surrounds the two standing so close. She takes his hat off and drops it to the ground. He wraps his coat around her and her body disappears. In one motion he lifts her body so that her feet are surrounded by air. His coat drops to the ground and he twirls her around three times.

He stands her gently on hard ground and bends into her kissing her lips for what seems to be forever. The two become separate. She gives him his hat and he slips his coat on. They lock hands and the two start walking a way. He turns back as if he has forgotten something. He looks up at my window and waves and then the two continue their journey.


Picture It & Write ; Ermiliablog

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A marriage is for keeps

Never to be undone

This isn’t told as a  fairy tale

This is for love and we’ve just begun.

We promise to accept

Each other for who we  are

With starry lights within  our eyes

And dreams for here and afar.

The marriage goes from day one

To a few years down the road

When suddenly we decide

We may have married a toad.

Our  new goal is to change

The things we do not like

Our eyes are tunnel blind

He will change or take a hike.

We must stop and smell our rose

And remember why we chose him

We promised to accept all there was

No one is perfect and  without any sin.

We can not erase what we do not want

Or badger as his wife

We find the things where we can blend

And choose a wonderful life.

Terry Shepherd



Picture it & Write

http://ermiliablog.wordpress.comwine glass











Two glasses touch

As the two gaze

Into each others eyes

Showing their love

Leg of lamb

Roasted potatoes

Fresh green beans

Topped off with

Strawberries n cream

9p.m the kids fast asleep

The house is so quiet

Only their breathing can be heard

Eyes locked with each other

Fingers touch

Toes against toes

Happy Valentine’s Day

To my beautiful husband.

Terry Shepherd




Picture It & Write/ Ermilia Blog

tumblr two people










He had almost lost her

Lost her forever

To an uncontrollable force

Where he had no control.

He was sleeping

She was in slumber

It sneaked in with a vengance

It woke her with trembling.

Screams came from within

Deep in her loins

Fear took over

Freezing her in mind.

A call from a neighbor

Who was startled a wake

Soon the block was lit up

Light bursting as day.

Men breaking glass

Ripping holes in the roof

Ladders were erected

She was rescued.

Terry Shepherd