I Want to Find the Groove




Standing in a crowd

No room to turn about

I notice the lights

As your body turns up and out


I catch your eye

You look my way

People disappear

And we become our  prey


Standing side by side

We feel each others heat

I spin you around

Then you lie at my feet


I reach out and touch

The silk of your hair

You rise up to me

And I want to take you there


Fingers grasp and lock

Feet begin to move

I want to feel you baby

I want to find the groove


Walking past the crowd

Who stands along the sides

We disappear from sight

Tonight will be the night


The room is lit by sparks

Chill is replaced by heat

The two of us together

Now moving to the beat.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Blogging Friends, Facebook Friends, Family

I have had so many well wishers for my birthday today. For this I will always be grateful. My brother used to celebrate my special day with me. He would purchase my birthday dinner and then remind me how much he spent on it when it came time for me to buy his birthday dinner.

Yet there is a part of me that is suffering emotionally. Instead of each day getting better it isn’t. Instead of the many conversations between bloggers and Facebook, I continue to cry. coca cola flag

Ever since Saturday arrived and I somehow came to the shocking conclusion that Al really isn’t coming back, I have been a piece of a limp,wet rag. Crying for many reasons, but crying for my own loss of what once was here in my home.

You have all been so kind. I feel guilt as I realize I have not snapped out of this mood and continued to move forward yet. I do have a few good days, and I am very grateful for this, but these past few days have just been horrible.

Please be patient with me. I am trying very hard to comment on blogs. I am trying to smile. I am trying not to cry. I am trying to show you I have not forgotten you. I am trying to get through. I will get better. This will get easier, I promise, if you can just stay with me.

I Remember


I know what once was

I remember it all so clear

When I took care of you

My little brother dear

And now these nice people

And you from up above

Are looking out for me

And sending all this love.

Love you brother,

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Your sis



I know in my heart I will never walk alone. Thank-you, each of you, for being here for me as I stumble this rocky path called life.

Invisible Love

Invisible Love


For God so loved the world

Did he choose  the lucky ones

What about the poor

Did he only see the beauty

Or all that came through the door.


Did he leave us and then part

To make it on our own

Did he wave to us goodbye

Or has  his light but always shown.


Did he give us a heart

Did  he give us eyes to see

Did he give us all our senses

Or do you think he forgot about me?


I know in fact we are special

He gave his all to fill

The love he knows we need

If only we do his will.


Although we feel alone at times

And like no one really cares

I know that he walks beside me

No doubt he really cares.


So the next time I am down

And feeling all to low

I will kneel down on my knees

Asking him to lead where I must go.

Written by,

Terry  Shepherd





Don’t Forget




Don’t Forget


There is never a time

Even when standing in line

That my thoughts don’t drift to you

And a tear may drop too

How could I ever forget those eyes

And all the times that you asked why

How can I ever rest those tears

And my new-found fears

Do you remember me

High above the sea

Do you remember all my words

And the sound of chirpy birds

Do you remember when I read

The Psalms when you lay in bed

You are forever in my mind

As my days ahead unwind

I love you brother dear

Don’t you ever fear

You are always in my heart

The two of us will never part.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


I Felt Your Presence

I Felt Your Presence


On the day you left me

The winds were cold

A chill in the air

Tears falling gently

Music played softly

Hugs and handshakes

Familiar words spoken

Light rose once again

Darkness fell behind

But as you were

Being laid to rest

God gave me a gentle nudge

I looked up to the skies

And saw the most

Elegant, the largest

Gentle snow flakes falling.

I miss you buddy

You are forever in my thoughts.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


snowflakes 2

Sunday Photo Fiction; March !6th, 2014



ice waterVeins cold as ice

Heart made of steel

Nails withered and blue

Hair tousled and mussed

Blood thin as water

Skin tough and worn

These are the effects

Of a heart once alive

A soul now broken.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


The Red Mask




The Red Mask

Hiding behind the mask                                                                     mask

Holding on for so long

I look back and see myself

Reflections of who used to be

Wanting to come forth

Yet afraid to see

Where I have walked

And my prints from yore

From the glass of the mirror

I see your eyes on mine

You hold your hand out to me

I take a step in faith

You touch my cheek

You bend down

And graze my lips

I feel ice melting

As feelings come renewed

I can feel, and I taste

What life has once again to offer

I am alive and I toss

The mask aside.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

When I grow up

I’m gonna see the world

Meet the press

Run through the rain.

When I grow up

I’m gonna hoola-hoop

Jump over the moon

Feel no pain.

When I grow up

I will shed no tears

Wear smiles every day

Run through the breeze

Skip down the lane.

When I grow up

I’m gonna forget the past

Start from this day on

Breathe in fresh air

Live life again.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd







All my adult life

I did for you

What no other would

Waited on you

Loved you


Gave in

The thanks I received

Was a broken heart

Broken pieces

The other woman

I saw you with

Now I stand here

With the door open

Watching you walk

To your car

With suitcase in hand

Can I move on

Can I  heal

I close the door softly

Turning around

And find my empty bed

And weep.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


soul 2