Don’t Forget




Don’t Forget


There is never a time

Even when standing in line

That my thoughts don’t drift to you

And a tear may drop too

How could I ever forget those eyes

And all the times that you asked why

How can I ever rest those tears

And my new-found fears

Do you remember me

High above the sea

Do you remember all my words

And the sound of chirpy birds

Do you remember when I read

The Psalms when you lay in bed

You are forever in my mind

As my days ahead unwind

I love you brother dear

Don’t you ever fear

You are always in my heart

The two of us will never part.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


I Felt Your Presence

I Felt Your Presence


On the day you left me

The winds were cold

A chill in the air

Tears falling gently

Music played softly

Hugs and handshakes

Familiar words spoken

Light rose once again

Darkness fell behind

But as you were

Being laid to rest

God gave me a gentle nudge

I looked up to the skies

And saw the most

Elegant, the largest

Gentle snow flakes falling.

I miss you buddy

You are forever in my thoughts.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


snowflakes 2

Sunday Photo Fiction; March !6th, 2014


ice waterVeins cold as ice

Heart made of steel

Nails withered and blue

Hair tousled and mussed

Blood thin as water

Skin tough and worn

These are the effects

Of a heart once alive

A soul now broken.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


The Red Mask




The Red Mask

Hiding behind the mask                                                                     mask

Holding on for so long

I look back and see myself

Reflections of who used to be

Wanting to come forth

Yet afraid to see

Where I have walked

And my prints from yore

From the glass of the mirror

I see your eyes on mine

You hold your hand out to me

I take a step in faith

You touch my cheek

You bend down

And graze my lips

I feel ice melting

As feelings come renewed

I can feel, and I taste

What life has once again to offer

I am alive and I toss

The mask aside.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

When I grow up

I’m gonna see the world

Meet the press

Run through the rain.

When I grow up

I’m gonna hoola-hoop

Jump over the moon

Feel no pain.

When I grow up

I will shed no tears

Wear smiles every day

Run through the breeze

Skip down the lane.

When I grow up

I’m gonna forget the past

Start from this day on

Breathe in fresh air

Live life again.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd







All my adult life

I did for you

What no other would

Waited on you

Loved you


Gave in

The thanks I received

Was a broken heart

Broken pieces

The other woman

I saw you with

Now I stand here

With the door open

Watching you walk

To your car

With suitcase in hand

Can I move on

Can I  heal

I close the door softly

Turning around

And find my empty bed

And weep.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


soul 2

Look Down Upon Me


Look Down Upon Me

Is not my heart

Able to be healed

When it has been broken

For so long. I weep into

my hands and my

body trembles

As I see your

Face and your

Eyes say please

Help me

I hear your voice

But can’t make

Out the words

I fall to the floor

And hold my hands

Stretched up before me

Oh hear my cries

Wipe my tears

Take the misery a way

Bring peace unto us

Take a way the old

Bring forth the new

Let the day begin

With the calm of the night

And end with the bright sun light

Oh hear me oh  God

Look down upon me

With love in your soul

And tears in my eyes

Wipe this time a way

But leave memories so dear


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Fire In My Veins


Fire In My Veins

The sun has set

The world gone still

A chill in my veins

As I wait for you

To walk through that door

To be mine once more

The fire shall burn

The flames shall warm

As I walk into your arms

Once again.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


fireButterfly-butterflies-9186479-500-500jelly fishbook4

Let’s Play all Day

Flowers speaking

Wind breezing

Rivers flowing

Green grass showing

Snow is leaving

Brown leaves grieving

Winter clouds

Speaking loud

Buds are peeking

Sap is seeping

Earth brand new

Morning dew

Raindrops fall

Children call

Swing sets wait

Open gates

Spring is near

Our future’s here

Breathe the air

Love everywhere

Lay the past to rest

Now take the test

Put all a way

Let’s play all day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd