Don’t Let it Win

Press deeply my friend

Don’t let it win

Stand tall

Hold close, don’t fall

Life will move on

You have to remain strong

It may look far away

I swear it’s closer than today

Don’t listen to the talk

Stand up, strut the walk

Bind your ears

Rid your fears

For there is nothing worth the price

Of giving up your life.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



A Kiss is But a Kiss

A Kiss is But a Kiss


A kiss is but a kiss

A smile is but a smile

But when you touch my face

And my heart begins to race

I want to sing and dance

My feet begin to prance

I want to  hold you close

I want to be your rose

Pluck my petals please

Bring me to my knees

For a kiss is not a kiss

A smile is not a smile

Unless you’re here with me

For all the world to see.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






The Waitress


The Waitress

I know you saw me

Standing there

Desire in your eyes

Your lips wet

Hands in pockets

I strike a pose

You change positions

I throw my head back

You love the slender neck

You legs begin to move

I take one step forward

You stand a little taller

Hands reaching out

Fingertips touch

You twirl me around

A smile widens on your face

Your hand around my waist

Hips come together

Music on the jukebox

You rip my apron off

And look into my eyes

Feet moving in sync

Hearts beating faster

Spinning round and round

The cafe disappears

As we sink into the groove

The dance is over

My  apron reattached

You walk towards the door

Taking one last look again

I blow a kiss your way

You reach out to grab it

Our eyes speak

As we know this

Won’t be the last dance.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



In Honor of My Parents and Brother Al




It is beautiful outdoors

The sun is shining

The birds are singing

I feel I must leave

Yet I fight inside

The clouds hang

Over me and they

Could lift if I only

Choose to see

And say hello

To my parents

And brother dear

This is so hard

Excuses galore

But I must go

Out of respect

For I will be

Grieving my

Own selfishness

So I say out loud

Go tell them

That you love them

Let a tear drop fall

Break down the

Guarded curtains

Let down the cement wall.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Al's funeralal-july-11-2me and brotherAngel_Wings__Animated__by_Iaenicpurple candles

Is This Your Son, Memorial Day

Is This Your Son


There was a child

Who grew in height

He became a man

Who wanted to fight

To keep us safe

And speak for us

I cried as I watched

Him get on that bus

The days ticked by

Life seemed to stand still

I know my soldier

Is fighting over that hill

As a mama I must say

How proud I am

Of who he is

And how it began

I am standing here

Touching the photo frame

Tears touching glass

No I hold no shame

For this is my son

He is my only one

I give thanks today

For Memorial Day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



I Want You

I Want You


As I lay in bed at night

Holding my pillow so tight

I think of you baby

And I think maybe

You could be the one

The one and only song

You could make me feel

Like this love is real

I can see you in my bed

Thoughts spinning in my head

I wish I could feel your heat

As I listen to the heart beat

We could never be departed

But then you went and farted

Poof that dream is gone

That didn’t really take too long

You should have held it babe

Now I  have to trade

So I’ll just turn the lights out low

And pray for you to go.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Sounds of Silence



Sounds of Silence

How can I get so attached

To someone I have only known

Only for a few days?

Is my heart so open

That who ever crosses

My path, who lingers

Becomes a part of my life

The sounds of silence

Echo softly in my ears

As you AJ are at the vet

Leaving room to ponder

On precious memories

Of you dear brother

And once again my

Heart squeezes more

Pain of missing you

I know you are home now

With family and friends

You are smiling

I tried so hard brother dear

To get that smile from you

I did my best, I swear I did

I miss and love you Al

And look forward to the

Time I pick AJ up from

The vet, to not be

Alone again

Listening to the

Sounds of silence.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


The Day Has Ended

Well the day has ended

The hours passed

The minutes long

The shadows were cast


Took the dog for walks

Made potato salad

Watched silly TV

This day was valid


Tonight it was quiet

The darkness screamed

I called my son

Let’s have a fire and dream


He said alright

He came right down

Brought the two kids

And AJ ran around


The air was quiet

The moon was small

The wood smelled great

The sparks were tall


It broke the evening

Took away some pain

So thankful for family

So thankful for no rain.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



firepitmoon 3

I Can’t Stay Mad at You, DP, Daily Prompt

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


What’s the point

Of holding on

To something wicked

And vile and strong

Does it give you

Peace of mind

Does it bring you

Farther along?

Sure it hurts

It always does

When you say or

Do something wrong

Spitting words

And causing scenes

Isn’t really cool

And not my thing

I’d rather tell you

How it made me feel

And try to get past

Before we spew

I could get mad

And go that route

But I just don’t see

Us being apart

So why bother getting mad

Let’s say we’re sorry

And not lose what we have.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Don’t Change

Don’t Change


Catch a falling star

And never wander far

Stay right where you are

But don’t cross that bar

And don’t let that tar

Stick to yourself and barr

Remember from afar

When you couldn’t open that jar

Just strum on  your guitar

And don’t forget to count the stars

For you have made the par

And I love you for who you are.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd