Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

I come to you

My groom

I promise to

Love you

For all times

I promise to


Although I

Don’t agree

I  promise to

Stand by you

No matter

What tails may wag

I promise to love

You more than

I love you today

This very minute

I promise to

Make you feel

Always as


As you are today

I promise this, I do.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




I Have a Dream

emerald_river-1280x800I have a dream

I carry within my heart

It helps me to continue

While we are apart.

I have a dream

I see the stars

I see the moon

And every where you are.

I have a dream

I will see your face

I will touch your lips

Your love I shall taste.

I have a dream

No more lonely nights

No pillows with tears

Only joy and delight.

I have a dream

And this carries me through

Until the day arrives

And I am standing with you.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Touch Me

Don’t stray                                           touch

Please stay

Touch me

Please be

The one I love

Come here my dove

I want you now

I come to you and bow

Take you in my arms

I promise you no harm

Yes, touch me please

I give you my love with ease

Yes now we are together

For ever and ever.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


If I Ruled The World

If I ruled the world                                                                      earth

I would wipe

Away all illness

Every day would

Be new and kind

No sharp tongues

Families holding

Thoughts and hands

No starving

No sleeping

In boxes

Children would

Be free to roam

Unafraid of no one

If I ruled the world

God would

Be smiling

As he would

Be pleased.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


The Dance

Staring in to her eyes                                                                               victorian_couple_dancing

His body became hers

Putty to use as she saw fit

Lips to touch

Nibbles on ears

The man in him

Became firm

Wanting to please

In any way he could

As he twirled her

Around the dance floor

He dreamed about

The moment tonight when

They were alone.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


To Be Alive

Is it wrong

To wish

Upon a star?

Is that saying

That what

We have

We are

Not satisfied?

Or do we

As humans

Feel that there

Is more than

This spot we walk

A  life can offer

To breathe deeper

To love fully

To touch

Other souls

We are constanly

Reaching out

Grabbing hold

Of rainbows                                                                    rainbow

Needing, wanting

To be fulfilled

This is what

It’s like

To be alive.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




manI have waited so long

For a look like this

The shivers down my spine

Your passionate kiss


I have waited so long

For you to walk into my life

To have you love me

And ask me to be your wife


I have waited so long

Almost giving up hope

And then our eyes met

I could let go of the rope


And now we are here

And I am walking toward you

Making love is my desire

Is all I want to do


I can feel my heart racing

As I step closer to you hun

Your eyes drink in my body

And together we become one.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Big Mistake

My dear friends, earlier this evening I posted a poem. About 13 of you have seen it thus far. I was reading it again and saw that when I was trying to post the song, I was copying part of another post I had written. My poem no longer made any sense.

You must have thought, what drug is she on tonight? I screwed up for sure. Here is the real  poem and the way it should read. I am so sorry.

I Can See Nothing


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When  you see lips pouting

Do you think of me

If you see wisps of blonde hair

Do you remember mine

When you see  tears fall

Does it stir your heart

When you lay next to her

Am I in your mind

When the clock chimes midnight

Are you remembering when  you were here

I wanted a commitment

And this word made you shake

You ran the other direction

And I was forced to move on

Now when I look back

I can see nothing.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd