The Monster Within

She was not happy. She did unthinkable things to those who loved her. They would come home from a nice Sunday visit, she would volunteer to get out of the car and open the manual garage door. They admired that in her. She would open the door, and race as fast as her feet would carry her. In through the kitchen, opening drawers and cupboard doors, knocking trash over. If she had time, she would spin on into the living room and knock over papers. She would then walk calmly to her room and close her door all but an inch, eavesdropping on the upcoming, exciting comments. They would walk in, and gasp in disbelief as they saw the damages from room to room. She would call the neighborhood parents close to their home and question them on where there kids had been, had they been here, and proceed to tell them what happened. She stood behind the door, covering her mouth with her hand, holding back the giggles. She would watch her mother giving her new baby sister her bath. Mother asking if she wanted to help, and she, shaking her head no, and walking away. Riding her bike to her friend’s house, and purposefully not coming home on time, causing worry and grief to her parents. Forcing them to make phone calls to locate her, making sure she was safe. There were punishments, that did no good. There were times when the entire family would be excited about an outing or a weekend get a way, and at the last moment, she would come down with a terrible tummy ache. Mother came immediately, asking how bad it was, should they cancel their plans, only to hear,that she would be fine. Continue the plans. It was a terrible year for her, but slowly, with love and patience, her jealousy became under control and eventually disappeared.

66 thoughts on “The Monster Within

  1. It is all your fault- my laundry did not get done today. I have read some of your blogs, but today I was captivated and could not stop reading untill I read them all. They are TRULY inspirational, raw and honest. Thank you for sharing!

  2. There is such sadness inside that lottle girl, whether it was f self made or put upon her you ca feel the hope through her empowerment of understanding.. We all do the best we can with what we know at the time.

  3. WOW! Such raw honesty– a very sad story. I knew a little one like that once…I pray daily for him…with many tears, but we can only do what God has gifted us to do.

    • thank you for staying and reading another blog of mine. I have already paid your blog my first and not only visit! it is wonderful to have met you and i hope we can develop a friendship

  4. Yea it sounds like kind of sad, but if I may say, but a lot of kids act the same way, in the past, now o they will in the future (talking as a mom).
    I’m not sure what is the problem, parents “are good”, as they feel like that, but these kids need something else, perhaps LOVE? different kind of love, the kind that is simple and from the heart, that one that listening, and it is unconditionally there. Many people don’t know how to express themselves, how to open, how to communicate, who knows what was going thru her head. Most of the conflicts in grown ups today is because “they had problems when they were little”. Problems, events, actions don’t go away, they stay forever in you, but we learn to understand and with the understanding come peace.

    • I am a parent now of grown children, and I see things differently today then when I was a young mommy. We love our children, but we can not be their friends. We need to be their parents, and sometimes have to show tough love

      • Yes I agree with that, I have 3 girls and it was difficult, not because of them, but me, I still have my baby she is 10, and still now, it is different than the other two. I know that I want to be closer to this one, but I have notice that doesn’t work all the time. There is something that I have tried to do always is to show them the WHY of certain things, and that they one they will see life in a different way too, as I see it today.

      • Terry,

        My husband feels the same way. I had a wonderful, close relationship with my mom. I believe that parents are their children’s first friends that guide them to socially acceptability; first teachers; caregivers; playmates; authorities; law enforcers; doctors…we are our children’s first everything.

  5. Bit of a rat – bag but when continuing to read got the gist and the interpretation of what you were portraying. Well done & thanks for the follow Terry – my ramblings are quite prolific – so good luck :-)

  6. Hi Terry – I don’t accept Awards anymore (as frankly they are too much hard work!)
    but I like to show my gratitude, so I post the list of your other nominations on a post – hopefully this will suffice – Thank you for the SSBA very kind to think of me. :-)

  7. Your opening line said it all. She reminds me of many children I have worked with over the years. The best that we can do? Be there and not look away.

    Thank you for coming to visit – and for including me in your post. I am new to this whole experience and thought I’d done something wrong with the technology.

  8. Beautiful story, I believe there’s a monster/ugly feelings within everyone, it just depend on the situation if one was hurt bad enough to let them out or the matter on controlling and keep the inside. Thank you for sharing this, reminds me on some similar experience ever happened to me.

    • hi there!!!! yes there are monsters that develop and can grow to out of control. hopefully with the right people surrounding us, we can rid them from our lives and move on

  9. Very moving this. I can see inside girls head. With her sister having the attention, she wanted some herself where positive or negative.

    I like this Terry

  10. You write so well, I am just starting to work on writing, My love is to follow current events. The Government. I guess I will one day approach your, skills as a writer. I have heard the more you write the better you get. Is this true? I make it a chore. I don’t have the grammar skills you have.
    I love the way you developed the little girls story. And how you blend everything into that short story. This my first blog attempted. And you are the first person to comment on my writing.
    Thank you for reading mine and I’ll be following your from now. God bless

    • Tasty, I didn’t know what I was doing either in the beginning. I just kept trying and soon I had it figured out. Any time you have questions please ask any of us

  11. This so reminds me of myself when I was a little girl. When my sister was born I was so jealous of her. She was the baby now and I did not get all the attention. Boy, God has brought me a long way, keeping HIS loving hands on my life. I don’t think there is a jealous bone in my body now. I think GOD PUT THAT MONSTER TO REST IN MY LIFE.

  12. Sebbeson, I agree 100 %. No matter what people say and how they try to push it off on someone else, raising a child to know right from wrong always starts at home, the first of every rule to life

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