Getting older


She had wondered all day not knowing where she was but knew she was going home. Things had changed. More buildings, some torn down, more lights. The sky was growing dusk as the sun was beginning its journey beneath the trees. She had been walking what seemed like for hours and she was starting to feel a chill underneath her grey sweater. She should have dressed warmer she thought. She didn’t remember it being this cold in October. As she sat on the bench, resting her weary legs, she looked around her noticing leaves drifting to no where, gently landing on the ground. She remembered the beautiful colors and how as a child she would spin around with arms wide open trying to catch as many leaves as she could before she fell to the ground from spinning. Oh, she had wonderful memories of her childhood. She could remember mama baking bread and when she burst open the front door of their tiny house, the smell of that bread made her mouth water so. The crackling of the heat pipes gave her a feeling of comfort, and a knowing she was safe in her home. She remembered her first kiss, with the boy who lived down the street. How he had told her he had admired her from day one. She married that boy, and they had a long, happy life together growing their family. Those memories of her youth made her smile even though she couldn’t quite remember what day it was and what direction she needed to go. She took a crumpled napkin out of her purse and inside was a roll that she had been saving. It was crusty now, but it would get her by until she got home. She sat there eating her roll and feeding a few birds that stopped by. Just as she was getting to rise up to carry on her journey, a police officer gently tapped her on her shoulder, asking if she was Mrs. Miller. She stated that she was and she was on her way home. The officer told her that her home was at the CountrySide nursing home and that they were missing her so much, that they had asked him if he would bring her home. He put his arm under her arm and guided her to his car and helped her in the back seat. He told her they would be so pleased and relieved that she was coming home, but she knew where her real home was and she would go tomorrow,,, terry shepherd

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