Have you ever been determined to not give up??


He was a determined old cuss. He had always been used to getting his own way. When his wife was alive, he would pout thinking that would work, but his wife learned quickly to ignore him, but he never gave up trying. When he was a child, his parents tried everything to teach him. They sent him to his room without supper. They made him do more chores in the barn. They paddled his bottom. Nothing worked. When he got an idea in his head he didn’t give up. His kids are grown, living in other states, his wife has passed on. The community bus was loading him, taking him back to his assisted living home. He had just been presented news from the specialist, telling him his time would be soon over. He had been given a terminal illness diagnosis and was told to go home and take it easy. The bus helped him inside his door and he could hear the rumble of the bus taking off. He sat in his most comfortable chair and pondered on the news he had been given. He wasn’t going to stand by and just sit here and die. He would fight this. He always fought everything, so why stop now. Doctors weren’t always right. He dialed the on staff nurse, and asked her to come down to speak to him. She came after lunch and they had a talk. He was taking down notes of everything she said. The next morning he got a ride on the bus to head to the grocery store. When he went in he got his list he had made and followed the directions to the letter. Today, five years later, due to his not giving up, and the call of a helpful nurse, he is stronger and healthier than he had ever been. He may have not won the battle for ever, but he has won the battle of stomach cancer now for five years………..terry shepherd

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