We all need a buddy


Poor little thing. Looks so lonely. Abandoned on the road side. Left for dead. I saw him walking ever so slowly, head hanging low, toungue hanging out, drooping to one side. The hair so matted and unkempt, I am surprised that he could see where he was walking. He laid down on the side of the road. His eyes looked weary and tired. I was riding my bicycle and I could see him getting clearer and clearer as I came up on him. He raised his head and gave me a look that said, please, don’t let me die out here. I am hungry, I am tired. I have been walking for miles and I don’t know where I am at. I stopped. Cautiously I got off my bike, and I saw one wag of his tail. He must be friendly. I wasn’t sure. He lay there and I stood there. I put the kick stand down and walked slowly towards him. He managed to sit up and tears ran down my eyes, as he handed me his paw, letting me know he was greatful for my company. My heart felt a pang instantly as I fell in love with this fella. I had to help him. I wanted to help him. I checked him out as best I could. He let me walk around him not trying to move or bite. I was lucky that I was riding my old fashioned Schwinn because it had double baskets on the back. I went back to my bike and got the snack that I was saving for myself and my sweater. I walked over to him and he knew instantly that I had food. He sat up straighter and I saw his tag wave back and forth. I let him eat my snack and when he was done he lay his head in my lap. I scooped him up and wrapped him in my sweater and put him in the basket on my bike. He snuggled for a few moments making himself comfy, and we rode home, together, my buddy and me…….terry shepherd

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