Patches of snow remain on the ground. The chill is in the air.Skies are gray with no hint of blue. Trees remind me of a spooky hallow ween night, bare, naked and cold. Dead leaves lying on the ground. House roofs covered with frost. Only green I see is shrubs that bring a bit of life to us. I am sitting here inside looking out my window.  I touch the window and I back off as the touch of cold hits my fingers. The air inside is dry and stale. O, to open the windows and receive that breath taking fresh air. To put shorts on, and rid of long pants. To have the smells of coconuts all over my skin as I soak up the rays of skin. There is hope coming my way today. I am so excited! I peeked out my window again, and I saw the fattest, orange breasted robin. Thank you Lord. I have survived another winter and am ready for the new spring. Continue reading