She got her walker and went outside to work in her garden. She stood on her porch, and a picture she did portray. Frazzled straw hat. Cotton dress that was too big. Old work shoes, Grey tattered sweater. She looked around before stepping down on the squeaky steps. This place sure has gone to hell since Arnie and her had got married. They raised their family here, five kids in all. Arnie had passed on a couple years back. She sure did miss him. He brought the sparkle to her eyes when he walked through that kitchen door. The place was starting to show its wear and tear, but it was still home. Her kids were great. At least one of them dropped by on a day or two every week. Sometimes they would bring the youngins over on a Sunday for a mid day meal. Those were great times. She stepped carefully down the steps and walked towards the shed. She opened the door to the musty smell of dirt. Grabbed her gloves and weeding tool. She went to the garden and smiled as she surveyed the progress of her works, she had done with her own two hand. She looked up and said a thank you to God for giving her such a good life and many blessings.

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