Faces, mouths, some smiling some with frowns. Lips silent, lips apart, talking, chewing, smoking.People walking in both directions. Blurs in my vision. Fast pace. No one is slow. Hurrying off to work or school. Some with no place to go. The world is moving very fast. Politicians trying to catch your ear. God becoming a foreign word.Discoveries in foreign space. The whole world has become like a wild rat race. Technology advances faster than me. No more land lines, no more hand written letters. You are not hired with a greet and a meet. We will email you if you meet our need. Today there are thousands out of work. Not getting hired and willing to work. These people are the same age as I am today. Getting on bended knee, asking God to lead the way. Stop where you are.Tune the sounds out. Take a moment to find what you are about. Take one step forward, not two steps back. Turn the tears off, stand straight, chin up. March on dear friend.your help is here. I promise you friend, I am always hereImage…….