The phone never rang, nor the doorbell ring. Early dawn awoke her, quiet, no breeze outside.Shuffling of slippers on the bare floor is all you heard as she went and started her coffee. She walked to her bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror. The years of toil and sweat were beginning to show around her eyes and at the crease of her puffy lips. She brushed her teeth and ran a comb through her tangled hair. She went to the door to peek out to see if the daily paper was there. She got dressed and walked out and got the paper. No one was around. Inside, she poured herself a cup of coffee, took her paper and sat at the table to read the local news. The only thing you heard was the clatter of her spoon and her own breathing. This was a new day, and the memories of last night hopefully would soon  bury themselves in the back of her mind of the unforgettable noisy night from before. Her ex husband had made an appearance at her door, forcing his way in, when she said,no, please go. He hadn’t liked something she had said and he intended to let her know how he felt. Now, as she sat here, in silence, reading her paper, sipping hot coffee, she heard the banging in her head, felt the pain in her lip. She heard a soft groan coming from some where within, but the phone never rang, nor the doorbell ring…..

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