Help Me

She was so cold. Her fingers were turning blue. She moved her foot as much as possible so she could see  one of them and noticed that her ankle was also turning a pale blue. She lie there in terrible pain. She had no idea how long she had been lying there. She believed she may have passed out and lost all track of time. Why didn’t she have her sweater on? She tried to scoot over to the table that held her important things. Telephone, TV remote, her eye glasses, kleenex box. O, she just couldn’t do it. She tried to call out, hoping that a neighbor might hear her cry, but she could barely hear herself, let alone a neighbor. Her front door was locked and dead bolted. How could anyone ever help her. She was going to lie here and die! Oh my dear God in heaven!! Please here my cry of distress!!! I am pleading. Please help me. God help me! Someone help me!. She managed to roll herself over, even though she could feel the piercing pain in her hip. She touched her forehead and saw blood on her finger, where she had wiped her hair out of her eye. She could feel the cold draft coming in under the door. She heard a knock at the door. She weakly said, help me, help me? The person on the other side knocked again louder. No answer. He couldn’t hear her cry. Soon there was silence. Had five minutes, or 15 gone by? She lie down with her head resting on her arm. She must have dozed off because when she woke up she heard loud banging on the door and someone was calling her by name. She heard the clatter of keys being inserted in her door. They couldn’t get it. The deadbolt worked well. Another silence. From above, God was watching her struggles, and knew that she had served him well. He knew she was tired. Outside the door a loud crashing sound came rushing into her apartment. They had busted the door in, but as they ran to see if she was alright, they saw a pair of hands gently reaching down, and softly picking her up. The glow was so bright, the visitors shielded their eyes. When they were able to see, she was gone…………

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