Prayers Are Answered

The soul was feeling  discouraged today. Although the sun was out, the inner self was full of gray. Getting tired of feeling this way. Have to do something to turn things around. Each day running into the next, time standing still. Need a change, a plan, a different route in life. Have you ever felt this way? Talking out loud, no one listening. Starting to get down on myself, not a good thing. The truth is we are never alone, and yes, there are times when we will have days of gray. We may think we are talking and no one is listening, but someone always listens. He hears every thought, every word. He hears our cry, he feels our pain, he wipes away our tear. He brings sunshine in to our lives daily. We just have to reach out and touch it. I feel, no I believe, that God answers every prayer, in his own time. In his own time when we most need our answer. It is hard being patient, but we have to understand that if our answer came to soon, it could destroy us, and take away our joy. I know that all this is true because it happened to me. I asked God to bring me friends that were positive in attitude, believers of God, and he answered my prayer this week. Thank you, God, for hearing my prayer. Thank you for loving me, and thank you new friend. M.L. for making my life a sunnier day.

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