My Hero

She sat at her kitchen table staring out at the cloudy day. Tears running down her face. Sadness over whelmed her inside. He was getting older and he just didn’t act like himself anymore. She remembered the good days when they sat as a family around the dinner table, and each of them told about their day at school or work. She remembered school projects that he had helped her with. When the winds in March brought them together flying kites. Days filled with laughter,forming a bond between them. Sunday  mornings packed in the car and proudly drove  to their favorite church. Then after wards they would go to a family’s home for Sunday dinner. She had just come from seeing him at  his home. She had visited on an over night visit. He was cruel. Sometimes saying hateful, hurtful things. Seeming like he didn’t realize who she was. Talked bounced around monetary objects, things we can touch and never got to the point of sharing how much we meant to each other. I loved him so much. I looked up to him my whole life. He was an idol that I worshiped daily. Now there was an emptiness in his heart, and an ache in mine, as I see him now for who he has become . It had grasped him, had taken a hold of him. Nothing I could do would turn back the clock. Tears streaming, hanky in hand, I got up and went in and rest my head upon my pillow. Thank you God for giving me the best gift I could ever have. The wonderful memories of my Dad.

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