Time For Me

I needed this. I have for several days. Time to smell the fresh air. Take a deep breath. Pamper myself. Do you get wrapped up in your jobs, kids, mates, and sometimes forget about yourself? That is what happened to me. Today was the day. I sat with my eyes closed, listening to the humming in the background. People talking, laughing, children playing. I opened my eyes for a bit and saw people everywhere. Going both directions, but at this very moment, I felt an inner peace, I had not experienced for a long time. I spoke to God and told him how my day was going. I thanked him for giving me this opportunity to energize myself. I thought about the coming week and the appointments I had ahead of me. I thought about my parents who were no longer with me. I thought about my kids and wondered how they were doing. I closed my eyes again, and let her fingers do their magic. The more she did the more relaxed I became. I never wanted to leave. I heard a voice from behind me, telling me my time was up. What a sad thing to hear. Becoming  alert, and realizing where I was, I stood up and walked over to the cashier. She handed me the bill. I was instantly back in reality. I handed her the money, and she complimented me on my new look at the local beauty salon.

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