Did You See Him?

A man walks with the aid of a walking stick.

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Did you see him? Look up there. Shield your eyes. Look! I saw! I had been sitting here alone for days. I wanted to spend time with him. No TV’s, no phones ringing. Pure concentration devoted entirely for him. If I would have told anyone what my plan was, I would have been scoffed at, kicked at, maybe a stone thrown at me. I didn’t want to take that burden with me on my trip. I had packed an over night bag complete with change of clothing, and personal items I felt like I could not be without. I had a sleeping bag and a small two man tent. I loaded myself up, and started my journey, walking in the direction I knew I needed to go. The heat was dry. Each step I took kicked a cloud of dust around my body. Hawks and crows I could hear above me high in the skies. Sun beating down on my back, was causing sweat beads to gather quickly. I took out my canteen from around my neck, and stopped for a moment to wet my throat. I could go without food, but I knew I needed water. I found a nice size walking stick on my route and reached down and picked it up. It made my journey much easier. A patch of soft, wild grass was where I had pitched my tent. A smoldering fire was glowing near by. Quietness all around. The beauty of God was wrapped around me like a baby in a cocoon. I have been here for three days spending every moment with him. Did you see him? Did you see him? He is here with me. He heard my prayers…….

My Pain

He walked in the door with his head hanging low. he had a feeling he had never experienced before. his wife came to greet him but he walked on by leaving her standing as a ghost. the kids were fighting over a game but he didn’t hear. he walked through the bedroom that his wife shared with him past the bed and went through the bathroom door, locking the door behind him. his wife was softly knocking at the bathroom door asking him if he was alright. he wasn’t answering. she continued to knock with no reply. she walked out to the kitchen and called 911. she had never seen her husband this way. when EMS got there, it was too late. He had taken his pants off along with his belt. he had taken his belt and made a noose and hung himself. they found a scribbled note tossed on the floor from his hands. it stated,,i got laid off today hon. i can not provide for my family now. i am no longer a man of the family. you will be better off without me……

Life & Death

Life & Death (Photo credit: mrlins)