Did You See Him?

A man walks with the aid of a walking stick.

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Did you see him? Look up there. Shield your eyes. Look! I saw! I had been sitting here alone for days. I wanted to spend time with him. No TV’s, no phones ringing. Pure concentration devoted entirely for him. If I would have told anyone what my plan was, I would have been scoffed at, kicked at, maybe a stone thrown at me. I didn’t want to take that burden with me on my trip. I had packed an over night bag complete with change of clothing, and personal items I felt like I could not be without. I had a sleeping bag and a small two man tent. I loaded myself up, and started my journey, walking in the direction I knew I needed to go. The heat was dry. Each step I took kicked a cloud of dust around my body. Hawks and crows I could hear above me high in the skies. Sun beating down on my back, was causing sweat beads to gather quickly. I took out my canteen from around my neck, and stopped for a moment to wet my throat. I could go without food, but I knew I needed water. I found a nice size walking stick on my route and reached down and picked it up. It made my journey much easier. A patch of soft, wild grass was where I had pitched my tent. A smoldering fire was glowing near by. Quietness all around. The beauty of God was wrapped around me like a baby in a cocoon. I have been here for three days spending every moment with him. Did you see him? Did you see him? He is here with me. He heard my prayers…….

8 thoughts on “Did You See Him?

  1. Makes you wonder what’s really happening or what u r thinking. Isn’t that when we hear God is when we can give him our undivided attention & close the world out completely?


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