It’s OK To Be Different

She wouldn’t budge. She stood her ground. It seemed like people wanted her to change for them. They stared at her clothes, laughed at her hair. Made fun of her talk. She had very little friends, but she didn’t care. She was who she was, and she wasn’t changing for anyone. She sang in the choir, her voice sounding above all others. She sang from her heart, while others fidgeted with their song books, or looked around, some snickering at unspoken jokes. She sat alone in the cafeteria. She didn’t care. She was motivated, making above average grades. Some called her a genius. She had her plans made and her college entrance papers were already accepted. She knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. She had spent numerous days sitting under the dogwood trees scribbling notes and writing letters to herself, setting deadlines. She was strong-willed and had an attitude that few understood.She watched people observing their moves, how they dressed. She listened when they were near, picking up on their interests and desires in life. She jotted notes. She carried her journal with her everywhere she went. I heard about her in the papers a few times after high school was over. She was still making a statement today. Several years later, I read that she was running for president. I hope she gets it! She is different, she is weird, she is a genius. She is strong. She is just what this country needs.

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