Had He Been Near By?

She woke up. She looked from side to side. She was out in the country on a lonely road, all alone. He wasn’t there. She got out and looked on the grass, no where in sight. She got back in her seat and pushed the red cross button on her on star, but no one said anything. She pushed it again, nothing. Over and over she kept pushing all the buttons, and all she heard was total silence. Stranded and alone. Think. Think. She had to do something. Her brother was gone, and she didn’t even know what had happened. She glanced down at herself and didn’t see anything unusual on her. She tried starting the car, but it would not start. She got out of the car again and lifted the hood. She didn’t know what she was looking for and didn’t know if anything looked different. There were no damages to the car that she could see, but she did have an awful headache coming on. She walked back to the car and got inside. She leaned her head against the steering wheel, and began to cry and pray at the same time. My Lord, you know everything that has happened here,and I know you are watching over me right now. I need your help Lord. Show me where my brother is. He has vanished. Lord, show me where he is. Guide me Lord for I don’t even know why I am sitting here myself. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, Jesus Loves me this I know,  she continue to pray and sing, and soon she drifted into a deep sleep. When she awoke the next time, she was safe in her bed. She got up and went straight to her brother’s room. He was there, sound asleep, and snoring away. She walked back to her room, and sat on the edge of her bed. She looked up at the ceiling and words were beginning to pour out of her mouth. Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, for,bringing him back to me. Thank you for watching over me. I love you Jesus. Everything was peaceful and she laid back down, realizing that she must have had a bad dream. Or was it……….

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