Stranger In The House

He was hiding deep in the middle of the bushes. Watching, waiting. People passing by, not noticing. As the last person went inside for the day, he crept in behind them. Stepping softly to her room, where he hid until all were asleep. As they slept, he quietly walked

Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

into each room, climbing on to the bed, hovering over their faces. Looking down on them, he licked his lips, and watched. With no disturbance, he went from room to room, until he ended up in the kitchen. He sat on the floor, and stretched out, his actions proving that he thought he lived there. He cleaned himself up, and took a nap. After waking, he made his way over to the counters, where food had been left for him to eat.. He helped himself to all that was there, and to some that wasn’t left out. Afterwards, he went outside as carefully as he had gone in. Several nights he returned home where he would take a bath, rest, and eat. On one particular night, she was not in her room. He waited and listened. Listening for her to come back. After tiring of this he started his routine of traveling room to room. When he got to one room, he saw her. The girl was laying on a cot beside their bed. He crept up beside her, and stared at her face, watching for any movement.She stirred and made a moaning sound which woke up her mother. The mother scurried out of bed, going to her daughter’s side. Before he could escape the room, mother saw him out of the corner of her eye. She let out a gasp and a scream. She yelled for her husband to wake up. This caused many lights to be turned on in the house. She explained to her husband that there was something here. She had seen a black shadow, and it was big, like an opossum. He rubbed his eyes, grabbed his robe. Mother went to tend to her daughter who was fighting the flu. The other children came to the doorway asking what happened. Father slid into his slippers and grabbed the old baseball bat, that was kept behind the bedroom door for protection, such as this. All got very quiet, as they heard his foot steps fading away. It seemed like he was gone forever! He had made his way through all the rooms and ended up in the kitchen. There on the counter top was the skinniest, black cat he had ever seen. They both looked at each other in fear. After a minute or two, the cat jumped down, which scared father. He dropped his bat and turned to run to open the back door. As he turned, he lost his footing and fell to the floor, landing face up. Before he could move, the cat jumped on his chest and sat watching him. Father didn’t move. He was frozen in his spot. The cat crept up as close as he could, and without a warning, reached down and started licking father’s face. A sigh of relief was heard from him, as he realized it wasn’t a wild animal, it was just a cat. He pushed the cat off and stood up. After inspecting himself for injury, he leaned against the cupboard staring at the cat, thinking what to do next. The cat jumped onto the cupboard, and began to rub against him and make a purring sound. Father began to laugh. Relief pouring out of him. This cat was hungry. He had somehow gotten into their home to find food. He got a bowl down and poured him some milk, and stood back while the cat drank. When finished, he picked the cat up and took him to their bedroom. I don’t know when it was decided, but this cat had a new home and would never be hungry again.