No Escape

He stood there shaking and begging.You could his words from the other room begging his father to please stop. Please stop! I promise dad, I will be good. I won’t do it anymore. I promise. Please stop. There was something wild in his father, that when he heard the child pleading, it drove him to want to teach him a lesson even more. He continued to keep hitting the boy’s


Begging (Photo credit: NB77)

bare legs and arms with the strap. Looking at the front of the boy, you could see a dark streaming shadow running down the front of his pants. The dad had gotten his fill and dropped the strap and told him, now, maybe you will do what you are told. He walked away. The boy fell to the floor, from pain, rubbing his legs and arms, trying to soothe away all that had happened. The boy, eventually got up and walked into the bathroom, where he pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet, inspecting his wounds. There were large, red, puffy strap marks everywhere on him. Each time this happened, he told himself he was going to run away. He was never coming back. He hated his dad. Well, today was the day. He wasn’t going to take it anymore. He stood up and pulled his pants back up and went into his room, cursing at his dad under his breath all the way. He climbed out his bedroom window, and ran the half of a block to his best friends house. He knocked on the door, but no one answered. He waited on the steps for what seemed an hour, but still no one came. He knew of no other place to go, so he headed back home, back through his bedroom window. His dad was waiting for him in the door way with the strap in his hand, bringing it together making a snapping sound that made the boy jump each time he heard it. The boy jumped on his bed, and down to the floor, trying to race around his father, tripping over himself. He landed on the floor, but he got up and scooted past him. Come back here! You get your butt back in here right now! The boy wasn’t going to let this man hurt him ever again. He ran through the house and out the front door. The next day the headlines of the local paper read, fire destroyed house on ………family couldn’t escape.Nothing could be seen but the simmering ashes of where the house had stood.

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