Forever Dream

She was hiding behind the chair in the living room, peeking out once in awhile to watch the two ladies. She was listening to them argue. One was yelling, and the other was saying,”I will be back when she is 16, and we will see who she wants to live with!” The other lady slammed the door, and the nice lady disappeared. She tried to be so quiet, but the tears were coming down like a quick rain, and the sobbing began. She stole back upstairs and went to her room, slowly closing her door. She threw herself across her bed, and let all of her feelings escape. Her life became different from that day until years later. She secretly hoped and dreamed. She visioned being held so tightly, love flowing from heart to heart, hands gliding slowly down her hair. Tears of joy, and feelings of never letting this moment pass. Every year on her birthday and at Christmas, she anxiously awaited for them to get the mail. She just knew there was a package or a birthday card, but, nothing. There was never a day, as she grew into a woman, that she didn’t have at least one thought enter mind of their reunion. One day as her own children were eating lunch, she opened the local newspaper to find an obituary of this woman’s fathers death announcement. Her heart began to flutter, as excitement began to take over. Although, it was difficult, searching found a phone number. She called, barely being able to breathe, her day had finally come. The other person said hello…For a quick moment, she couldn’t speak. Memories flooded back to the last time she had heard that voice. She then heard herself say mom?. Silence. Mom? It’s me, your daughter. I saw your father’s obituary in the newspaper. I have found you. Oh, I love you mom. I have waited for your my whole life! Silence. Silence so deafening, I wanted to scream, to run, drop the phone, do something, go somewhere, but I stood still. Words came through the voice box on the other end. Crushed, dropping the phone, falling to the floor, unable to speak nor move. “I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are. I have no daughter.”

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