A Costly Lesson

He had been told many times to ask permission when he wanted to leave the house. As usual, he left the front door again without notice. It was right after supper, and there was plenty of daylight left to still ride his bike and hang out with his friends. Riding past his neighborhood, past the familiar houses, riding faster as he came to his favorite bump on the side-walk. There was a couple of friends hanging out at the school yard. They were watching some older kids shooting baskets. He rode on over and tossed his bike aside, and went up to join them. The older kids paid no attention to them, seeming like they didn’t acknowledge their existence.  The younger boys chatted, and told dirty jokes, and made rude remarks about girls that passed by. It was starting to become dusk and the boys knew they needed to go home. As they all got on their bikes, the game stopped.The older kids were surrounding them, not allowing them to leave. Flipping their hats off, name calling, acting like bullies. They tried to barge through this gang, but were pushed off their bikes. Dust flying as they landed in the dirt. Their bikes were stepped on and twisted like a pretzel. The older ones

Nissan Paramedic.

Nissan Paramedic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

walked over and formed a huddle. Soon they came back and one of them pulled a small bag out of his pocket and handed it to the kids. Hands waving no thanks, remarks of we gotta get home, parents be getting worried. The older boys ignored anything being said. They grabbed one of the boys and slammed him back to the ground resting their foot on his back. The other guys got in front of him and lifted his head, and shoved something bitter down his throat. He held his mouth and nose shut, until he had no way out but to swallow. The older boys started laughing at what they had done, while the other young ones stood by in fear. The older ones took off running, still laughing. The boys looked at their friend who was starting to foam from the mouth. One of them ran to his bike. It was in bad shape but he got on it and rode like hell to get home. Inside, he yelled for his mom and told her what happened. She called 911, and then the boys parents. Soon all were there at the park, watching the EMS work steadily and quickly on the boy. Soon, they stood up, and looked at the crowd, shaking their heads from side to side.

3 thoughts on “A Costly Lesson

  1. A costly lesson indeed. I hope the young people learn the lesson soon and well before there are more tragedies. Bullying has become an ugly epidemic. I lost a niece to bullying a couple of years ago.


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