I Am My Mother’s Child

Sometimes I think I am a strange creature on this planet. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Although, there are more times than not, that I fall in to a slight, depression. This has happened ever since my parents have passed away. I can be happy, staying in my house coat all day long, never getting actually dressed. I can get great satisfaction out of cleaning my home. Rearranging the furniture, mopping the floors. Great happiness falls upon me when my brother is having zero issues. I walk into  his bedroom to hang up his clothes, and he gives me the biggest smile. It warms my heart and makes up for those days of dementia. I have much peace, when I have crawled into my bed, opened my bible, and read some. I lay my head down knowing that all my needs are taken care of and I need not worry about anything. I can sit out side  with no one to talk to, and feel the most peaceful of all, looking at the blue skies, the birds flying from tree to tree. Watching the ants crawl across my bare toes. I can have peace with no big TV sounds on nor the radio blaring. I enjoy knowing that the supper I prepare, will be openly accepted, with no complaints from my brother. I can have peace with no plans for today, no shopping to do, and no phones to answer. I am content with the thoughts in my head, transferring to words to share with you all. My mother used to sit in her sun room watching the deer run through the woods, and watch the traffic go by. No one was with her, she was all alone. I would drop by and make comments to her about how she should get up and go somewhere. That this wasn’t good for a person to just sit all alone. Now, years later, I am my mother. I know that she is smiling upon me from the heavens above, realizing that I am sitting alone, and enjoying her peace.

6 thoughts on “I Am My Mother’s Child

  1. I worked outside of the home most of my adult life; even as a single parent and never liked it. Finally, I am home and love it. I too enjoy sitting in my swivel chair looking outside at the birds and trees. It takes little to make me happy: I think it is called contentment and I may just write a blog now because so many people are not content!


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