Remembering Through A Child’s Eyes

A milk chocolate Easter Bunny.

A milk chocolate Easter Bunny. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wearing my little, white bonnet with the big bow on top, held under my chin with a white piece of elastic. The frilliest dress you have ever seen. White, lacy anklets, with new, black patent leather shoes with gold buckles. White cotton gloves. Black suit,white shirt, with black, clip on tie. Shiny new black shoes.This was the picture of my brother and me on Easter Day, April 1964. After going to sunrise service, followed by breakfast, you could find the two of us nearly asleep during the main service. Leaving  the services with a little cut out milk carton, with a paper handle, green grass holding little speckled eggs, colorful jelly beans and a chocolate Easter bunny. We could hardly hold our fingers back from trying a piece. Mom said we had to wait until after lunch. We weren’t to spoil our meal with sugary treats. We pulled in the drive way and went in to our house, hearing the phone ring. Mom answered it. I  can hear her today saying, we just got home, yes, I saw them there. They are doing well. We are on our way. Our grandparents lived on the same property as us, so it was a hop and a skip to their house. We walked in their house, and I can still remember the smells of ham and turkey that drifted through  my nose. The tables were filled with foods. Deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, yuck, green beans and green salads, turkey dressings, pickles, and black olives. On the other table, was a big, white bunny cake with piece of coconut all over it with pink paper ears on top, and black gum drops for the eyes and nose. Pies, cherry, and apple, and my all time favorite, black raspberry. Everywhere you looked, there were people. People I had not seen like in a year or so. After dinner was over, all of our cousins and us went outside to the small, tiny, red barn. Our grandpa opened the big wide doors, and inside was gobs of yellow fluff. He told us to walk slowly, and talk softly. We each crept up to the tiny wire fence holding them in. We each reached down and picked up a yellow fluff ball. So cuddly, so soft. They chirped and chirped, and made us all giggle, as we gently held them and tried not to let them jump out of our hands. Soon these baby chicks would find their way to mom and dad’s freezer. After visiting with the baby chicks. We could hear our names being called, telling us they were ready for us. We ran to where the voices were coming from and were handed an empty, brown lunch bag. It was time. We were all so excited and eager to find all the goodies to fill up our bags. At the call of 1,2,3, we all ran as fast as we could, stopping and looking at anything that had color. We found lots of eggs. Pink, yellow, blue and lavender ones. We each came back to where our parents were standing watching us and showed them how much we had. They seemed as excited for as we were finding them. We all went back in to grandma’s house and had a piece of the bunny cake. The next thing I remember is  waking up in our own beds. Dad had found us napping and had carried us home. It was the best Easter we ever had. I am so thankful that I still have my memories as Easter Day approaches again this year.

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