Our Best Friend

Two friends

Two friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her name was Pam. She and I met in kindergarten class. We were stuck together like glue. We did everything together. Sleep overs, bike rides, candy store visits, dinners at each other houses. She taught me how to go bike riding in the cemetery and we would stop at a grave site and guess how tall that person had been. We learned math by subtracting the birth from the death dates. We questioned each other on where deceased went after they passed. For seven years we spent all of our time together. Where is she today? Her name was Connie. Our parents were friends in church. We spent summers in camps together. We spent slumber parties together learning all about how malted milk balls can make you sick to your stomach if you eat too many. We were friends through out junior high and middle school. Where is she today? Her name was Judy. Friends from junior high through adulthood. Sharing new loves stories, weddings, and birth announcements We saw each other every day. Our kids grew up together. We shared special Christmas’s together. Celebrating anniversaries  together. This was a friendship that I thought would be forever more. Where is she now? Her name is Lez. We met through my mother. I babysat her children when they were young. We became good friends in no time at all. We shared rising costs of groceries and gas. We talked about our husbands, revealing their good and bad points. We spent many late hours, while she taught me how to paint ceramics. We went to church together and sang in the choir. We grew in our faith together. Where is she now? I know that answer. Although we live many miles apart, whenever we speak, there is never a moment of silence. We pick up conversations easily as if we had just spoken yesterday. I have become who I am today from the people I surrounded myself through out my life. Values that are instilled in me were learned through the different friends in my life. I hear people make comments that if you have one good friend in your life, you are a lucky person. I feel lucky then. I have the best friend anyone could ever wish for.


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