First Friday

candlelit Christmas tree

candlelit Christmas tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All week he kept asking me if we were going to go to First Friday. I would tell him the same thing each time. It depends on the weather buddy boy, and how you are feeling. I played this conversation many times each day. I have to admit, although I never mentioned it to him, that I was concerned about taking him with only him and I. He is getting more and more unstable each week with his Parkinson’s. I sadly watch his knees buckling a little further all the time. I can tell that he is having great difficulty standing. The doctors tell me to keep reminding him to STAND UP!!! Do you have any idea how that makes a fifty-six year old man feel when his sister is riding his case over and over about the same thing. He puts that special look on his face when he hears my words, and stiffens those legs erect. Now, a week later, I do not stress him out with this anymore. I tell him one time, and if he can do it, great, and if he can not, it is not because he doesn’t want to. His legs are just getting weak. I am not going to listen to the doctors this time. I know if I couldn’t control something, I wouldn’t want some nag on my case all the time. Well, back to First Friday. It was sunny all day, with a chill in the air. All through the day, every time I glanced his way, he would smile so big at me. You know, one of those smiles that makes your heart melt. I knew why the smiles were there. It was First Friday. I called a dear friend and asked him if he could go with us to have the company and to also be there in case he fell. He said sure. Isn’t it great, when friends understand and accept unconditionally? Well, we all went to my brother’s favorite restaurant, where they have the best fish ever. All you can eat, which is one reason my brother loves to go. He just loves fish. When we sat down, and ordered, from then to the end of dinner, I bet half a dozen people came up to him and said hello, how ya doing, haven’t seen ya for a while. Each time my brother’s face lit up like a big old Christmas tree. He loved chatting with ones he knew and also anyone he didn’t know. After supper, we walked about a block, sitting to listen to the live band, and sometimes just for him to rest. I am so glad that I called my friend to go with us. To see my brother be so very happy for just a little bit was worth more than anything I could ever buy for him. Thank you First Friday for making a special man happy in his times of struggling.

6 thoughts on “First Friday

  1. I’m glad you and your brother had such a great time. My brother called me and told me all about it. He said he also had a great time and enjoyed watching your brother have a great time. I have had a cold and haven’t left the house in several days. My wife and I would love to try and go to First Friday next time if I’m in good enough shape myself. Hope you guys can make it then also. Well, take care and God Bless.


    • thank you chris. i would love to have you go along. i am sure you would have a wonderful time. there is nothing that makes you feel better than being with friends and fresh air.


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