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I have been writing for a month today, and have discovered that it is a wonderful way to release stress, to be able to voice through words, what I have felt and never been able to say. As time goes by, and I have retained more and more followers, it hit me today, that although there are many topics, titles, different lengths in our stories, we all are human and we all want the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you have been following me from the beginning, or you started following me yesterday, our words still express the same thing. A yearning to be accepted and loved. We come in to this world from dust. The first person our eyes meet are the ones who love us and will stick by our side for ever, right? Or wrong. Some of never make it to that home we were meant to go, for one reason or other. Some of us don’t make it to see the world as a child will see it. Some of us always have the same parents through out our lives, some have one, or maybe multiple parents. We learn in school we get rewards. A gold star, our name chalked on the black board. A monetary reward for good grades, maybe a restaurant of our choice for work well done. Elementary days are the greatest. Life is exciting, we make new friends, we discover new things our parents never taught us. Then there is a bridge you cross over. Called Middle school/high school. For some of us, that is a very difficult bridge to cross successfully. Classes become harder, more home work is put upon us. Puberty is in full swing. Our hearts begin to feel feelings we have never experienced and our bodies become unglued.  Friendships change, leaving us to ponder on what is wrong with us. What did we do or say wrong. Individuality starts to play a major role in our lives. Somewhere,somehow, no matter how many parents you had. or where you were lived, or how you were brought up, for a brief moment in time, or for some much longer, we yearn for what we once had. That gold star, that feeling of being loved. The need to feel accepted. Our worlds become shaken. Some folks turn to drugs, some to alcohol, some to shrinks, some to early death, and then there are us, the writers. We are able to take all that has happened in our lives. Our needs, desires, our wants, and we have been able to successfully put these in words. We have become loved, and needed by each other, and we get that gold star through acknowledgement of our postings. I am more proud of me today than I have ever been. Expressing myself and having a group of followers is all I needed to feel complete. Someone understands me. They have felt my pain, or happiness, or confusion. Thank you fellow writers, for being in my life. You may not know me personally, but you understand me, and accept me for who I have become today.

22 thoughts on “Writers

  1. Absolutely. Expressing my thoughts through words has really made me a clearer thinker and a happier person. Although it does corrode away time I should spend studying 😉


    • thank u. the writing has helped a lot. our family is all deceased, leaving me with my brother and my thoughts and worries for him. i m truly lucky for a friend to nudge me to start writing again


    • Funny I should read this now. I just finished watching the new show ‘Touch’ and agree that the people in our lives sometimes do have that connection for a reason. Hopefully, it is to do good and not evil. I believe in the kindness that exists in everyone-before of course finding out that people can also be jerks. I trust people because I like the feeling of being trusted. I love the connection writing can make between people and hope to do this if at least electronically. Thanks!


      • it is very hard to trust. i really try, but sometimes i get burnt, and once in awhile i get lucky and a person is who they say they are. trust was broken years ago for me, with my mom and then an ex husband. it is definitely a challenge for me in trusting others. i hate it, but hope it gets better. having blogger friends on here has greatly helped


  2. Reading your blog posts has become one of the highlights of my day. I am grateful for your sharing of your life and thoughts through your talent. Unlike you, I have no talent and am barely literate. But I still feel a sense of accomplishment and….release… when I write on my on my blog. Best wishes always Terri. Keep the stories coming.


  3. i don’t know you as well as mark, but i do know you have at least one talent, because the bible says you do. you are very compassionate, and a very loving and thoughtful man. any man that can feel a sense of compassion for my brother and who was willing to open his arms and life for someone with my brothers issues, carries a special gift. you are struggling right now, we all are, some of our struggles show on the outside, and others are carried like heavy burdens from within. you are not barely literate. you are able to tune in on to most of my stories, and get the point i am trying to express. some others will question me about what did my story represent? you are truly special in our lives.


  4. As a teacher, I encourage my students to write, write, and write. In reading your post, it is very refreshing to see this comes from what’s inside and it wasn’t something you were assigned to write. I appreciate the thought you obviously put into this and enjoyed your writing.


    • thank you so much, i loved to write when i was in in school. when ever there were essays or something to write about i was right there, but never thought i was really and good at it. i only started writing for the world to see a month ago. so glad i could share with you


      • Well, half the battle is to get started. We had an event at school where my ‘station’ was to give prompts to students and encourage parents to do so at home. At first, students were thinking they would have nothing good to say. At the end, we had several different endings to the same prompt. It felt great to see parents motivated to help their kids nurture the desire to write. I just started this wordpress today, so hopefully, I’ll see lots more of your writing. Please keep it up!


  5. i plan too. after our parents passed away four years ago, i have been taking care of my brother, who has Parkinsons, dementia, CAD and is mentally challenged. i prayed for many months to have something to do as i became a more stay at home person for my brother. along with a friend, and god’s answers, i started writing. i have been in awe at the large amounts of people that have read or and follow my stories, but, then again, God knows best. I wish you good luck with your writing on your new blog. it cleanses the mind, heart, and soul. god bless, and have a joyous Easter


  6. You are correct. Writing is a perfect way to let go of your stresses by recording it for all to read. I have enjoyed finding this blog. Good luck with all your writing projects.



  7. Writing has helped me work through many a crisis, and somehow I always manage to find something funny about what happened.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and emotions.


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