A Big Thank You to You

"Writing", 22 November 2008

"Writing", 22 November 2008 (Photo credit: dr_ed_needs_a_bicycle)

I have been writing for the world to read now for five weeks. I am just astounded every day, when I see how many people are actually reading my posts. I used to sit in school, clear back to my elementary days, I can remember, and doodle. Remember doing this? When you are bored with a topic being discussed, or just can’t seem to concentrate. You would rather be outdoors, or out of this door? What did you used to do when you were bored in school?  I remember when there was a class assignment about writing, the moans heard in all directions, but I couldn’t wait to get home and start writing my so-called master piece. I would write a few lines, not like it, wad my piece of paper into a ball, and play hoops into the trash can. Soon, though, some creative idea would pop in my head, like a light bulb coming on. In no time at all, I had my paper ready, with all the misspelling, and wrong punctuation marks included. I would turn it in the next day, beaming from ear to ear, knowing inside I was going to get some kind of reward. The teacher would take it, as she did all others, mixing mine in with the rest, like it was not anything special, although I knew it was. This happened year after year all through out my school days. Sometimes I got an A on the top of my papers, sometimes an A plus a few red lines through out the topic. Sometimes I even got two gold stars on top, plus an A. I would race home to show it to my parents, and mom would give me a pat on the back, and post it on the front door of the refrigerator, right in the middle, so we could see it all the time. As I got older, my topics turned to boys, and friends, and dreams about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I guess I have always enjoyed writing, but never thought it was good enough to show anyone. I had a special blue folder in my bedroom that I kept them for a long time. Now today, I write more about my personal life. Things that are going on today. People that are involved with me. I receive comments from so many nice people. I get comments from the every day housewife, professional people, writing authors, singer song writers, comments from other countries, even high school kids. I am just amazed, and so humbled when I read each one. As most of you realize by now, I take care of my brother. He is mentally challenged, has CAD, Parkinson’s and Dementia. I have come to look to all of you as my friends. I have come to lean on all of you for my emotional support. I have more than one purpose now to my life. To continue to follow in God’s footsteps, to continue to care for my brother with much love and patience, adding some laughter somewhere in that recipe, if possible, and to realize how lucky I truly am, how truly blessed, to be here at home, and to have acquired more friends than I ever dreamed. Prayers are said, hope is given, sadness is shared. I am truly a lucky gal. Thank you bloggers. Thank you for changing my life, and making me a part of yours.

28 thoughts on “A Big Thank You to You

  1. We thank you for sharing with us. You can be an inspiration at times and need a hug other times. We salute you, for we know being a caregiver is not an easy job, but you do it anyway. You are truly a blessing to your brother!
    God’s love to you!
    Your brother in Christ,



  2. Your very welcome sweety! I love reading your stories and they are inspiring as well. Keep it up please I enjoy getting them in my email and opening them and reading them. There are sometimes I do not have the time to open and read right then and there and thus the file was created so I could go back to them and read later and so they did not accidently get erased from my email. Hope all is well and take care my friend!……..Tracy


      • hi bird, i wondered when u see my posts, does it show my awards? i am so dumb. i can not figure out how to place these on there, if you don’t see them


      • No, they aren’t showing up. I’m just as big a dummy…I had to have a friend of mine walk me through it, and even then, it took a long time for me to get it in there. You have to save the pics to your computer. Then, you open a post, and upload them like you would if you were putting them into a post..instead of hitting insert into post, you look for the url address, highlight it, and copy it. Then you insert the text widget and put the url link in the url address box. Try that, and let me know..I think that is what we did…


      • i live in indiana. i tried doing what u said. look and see, or maybe i have to wait and see on a new posting. if u ever see it let me know. thanks for your help.if it didn’t work, i need a friend to help. now to get that friend!!


      • I’m sorry, Terry. I guess my instructions are wrong. I’ll ask Jimmy to go over it with me again, and this time I’ll write them down! I get lazy about learning this kind of stuff because I always have IT people around me who fix things for me…


      • ok if and when u learn let me know. i m just proud of anything i get in here, so wanted to share. check tomorrow on a brand new post and see if they show up please, i can’t seem to look at my own postings like someone else does. i think of u as a good friend, and u r in my computer. hehe


      • You got it, Terry! And I think of you as a friend too. This is a fun new adventure for me as well! We’ll figure it out, because those little awards mean something to us…that we are appreciated…


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