Liebster Blog Award

I have been nominate the Liebster Blog Award by kyllingsara. I feel so honored to receive this. I am still not over the shock that people read my stories and like them, so this means so much to me. I feel so close to Sara, who nominated me. I look forward to reading her blogs daily. I feel like we have become close friends through cyber space. I thank you Sara, from the bottom of my heart. The five nominees I want to choose are






Each of these people have fascinating stories. Check them out.

10 Random facts about me?

1. I love food

2. I love antiques

3. I love culture

4. I love art

5. I used to own my own antique store

6. I refinished antique furniture for customers for a long time

7. I have compassion, more than I

8. My favorite color is Blue

9. I have three grown kids and six grandkids

10. I love wordpress and all my new friends

15 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Thanks, Terry! I’m honored.
    I look forward to reading your posts daily – your writing makes me feel as though I am right there listening and experiencing your experiences. Happy or sad, all your posts are very real. I agree with your 10th random fact wholeheartedly. Do keep writing. Hugs xxx


  2. Thank you Terry for the honor! I don’t begin to compare to your outstanding essays with my blog, but I am learning. I am honored you think my writings are that good. I don’t receive very many comments on them so have little feedback.
    For the record, I write what is on my heart, both in my blogs and the comments I give others. I do rely on God to guide me through both, He is outstanding, I am just His servant.

    Thank you again, God bless you!



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