Short And Sweet

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Smiley face 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t go out today. I didn’t get drunk or do anything foolish. I heard from each of my children, wishing me a happy birthday. I had one family member bring my granddaughter over with a special gift. I spent time with my youngest son today. I baked my own cake, called Pineapple Dump, a recipe from a special friend. I fixed leisurely meals, with the supper including sharing my birthday cake with my brother. He thought that was pretty cool, so he got a bigger piece. The sun shone all day. It was beautiful out, although a bit chilly. I did no house work. I watched the squirrels eat the new treats I got them, and even spotted a black and white speckled bird feasting also on the treats. My brother had no tears today, the dementia gone for today. I had so many, many happy birthday wishes  from bloggers, I was overwhelmed that that many people recognized who I was. All in all, I was just blessed over and over today. A big thank you to all for the special remarks made last night and today. I will treasure them always.

32 thoughts on “Short And Sweet

  1. Can’t think of anyone who deserves good wishes more! Incidentally, I just had a birthday last month. We are within a year in age.


    • it was so nice and relaxing Anne. I am so glad that his dementia was gone for the day. now on to the preparations for his special birthday surprise i am planning. i can’t wait to see his face!!


  2. A very Happy Birthday! It sounds like you did just what ever you wanted and needed for your Birthday! It sounds wonderful, I’m happy for you!


    • thank you so much Debbie. I don’t really look forward to my birthdays now that I am considered somewhere between middle age and senior. lol, but all the nice remarks made it very special to me


  3. So wonderful, when people are honestly happy it’s hard not to feel happy for that person too. I’m really happy for you 🙂


  4. Belated birthday wishes to YOU. I’m pleased yesterday was a good day for you for a change. Isn’t it relaxing watching squirrels and birds enjoying themselves. I hope sunlight warmed your face as you watched.


  5. So happy that you had a sweet day yesterday and no drama …. just day in your own speed. Worth a lot more than .. fancy presents. I think we should all have “sweet” days … more often.


    • money could not buy the calm day without the dementia being here. the smile on his face as he was eating the icing on the cake. yes, it was a great day. thanks for you understanding of me. i think u are pretty awesome !!!


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