Awesome Blog Content Award

After writing my latest post and still carrying feelings of sorrow for my brother, I was uplifted by an email I received by

Originalapple, or as I now call her, apple, has nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content Award.

At this moment, I needed this. I believe with all of my heart, God placed this in front of me, letting me know I am going to be alright.

Thank you so much apple for allowing me this bit of joy on this Sunday morning.


There are many wonderful bloggers, that I try very hard not to miss out on reading their post. There are ones who I can feel their joy, or sadness, or daily walk without any effort on my part.

Today, I want to share this joy with another blogger, who I feel is putting every part of their soul into the words that are written. this person can take a sad face and turn it into a smile. their blog is filled with interesting things, such as food ideas, jokes, and humor in life, and creative ideas, and discussions on how people live.


I would also like to include on this award , this blogger takes my mind off my problems here at home, and fills them with uplifting words. she encourages you. she helps me travel to different parts of the country while i sit here in my easy chair. i am allowed to learn different cultures of the world. she also can make my mouth water, by showing photos of wonderful foods to eat

These are just two bloggers that I love to read. There are many more I love also.

Once again, thank you apple. I feel truly blessed for today.

15 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Content Award

  1. i am so happy for you! i am glad someone saw fit to make you’re day! it’s much deserved. i can almost see you smile!


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