Viveka dedicated this to me and i wanted to share with my other bloggers. thank you my friend


I want to dictate this song to Terry – – a woman that have devoted her life to her sick brother (Parkinsons) – and that doubt everyday about her strength and looking for help and support. Her own life is on complete hold and not a day she goes through without drama. She has her strong believes in Jesus and even if I don’t share that with her – I understand.

So Terry .. this I give to you – even if you don’t understand what Michael are singing … you will understand my translation.

The Girl and The Crow

I sat the other day and read my newspaper
a day like so many before.
Oh, I thought of all those dreams we dreamed that
one by one, has come to an end
Then I saw a picture of a girl
with a wounded crow in her arms

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      • it has been interesting. we got my brother a new cane, and a wheelchair, and because the cane is red, which reminds him of his coca cola, he loves it. the wheel chair is more up to date looking, so he is excited ? to get it tomorrow. he got a hair cut also. his mood is opposite today than others. the dementia has gone backwards. he is laughing at all the animal commercials on the TV. it is weird how this dementia works in the brain………….so no tears for this day, thank God


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