Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I once again am humbled that you think my stories are beautiful. You are the ones who help me out, more than I help you. I don’t write to entertain people. I write hoping one person will understand my life, and connect with me in a form of an email or comment. It is healing for me. It gives me strength through your prayers, gives me courage to keep going day to day with your kind words of support. I am to nominate other bloggers. This is difficult for me, as I think all of you have a special talent in your words to us readers. Here are a few I would like to mention today.

Thanks to backwards222!!!!

18 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Terry, you have got a rainbow of awards – so happy for you and you deserve everyone of them. We maybe don’t really understand how your day and life is .. but we are here for you and we are doing our best in trying to support you this way. You’re a very special person.


  2. Terry, Congratulations and thank you. I will take awhile to choose my nominations. I appreciate your endorsement of my blog. I do enjoy keeping up with your life and your brother As you blog each day. Sometimes I get behind in my reading but I try to catch up. I believe you work very hard to keep your brother happy and healthy. I wonder what I would do if it were my brother. I care for my dad without complaint. But for my siblings I don’t know if I would be willing to do as much. I keep you in my prayers as you don’t have many services to rely on. Keep on. You are an inspiration to me.


    • thank you so much for your understanding, and reading my life stories. it is very hard to take care of family. i think it is different caring for a parent other than a sibling. for me, with all my parents did for me, it was an honor to care for my father the year he was suffering with leukemia. he is now in heaven. with my brother? it is surely different, more of a job, maybe? with love added. I am not sure, but between dad and brother, it was certainly separate, although each family


      • For both, you gave your best. I pray you will have the strength to continue as you have been doing. It is I quite a job. God bless you.


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