Sugar Plums Dance In Her Head

Cinderella jeans

Cinderella jeans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dances of sugar plums all in her mind. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair, with slight waves at the bottom. Bangs cut just above the huge blue eyes. Dimples showed when she smiled. Two rows of pearly whites. When she smiled, twinkles bounced off the corners of each eye. She was twirling. Twirling around in her ballet shoes. The sequins on her dress flashing lights on the walls, as she spun faster, dress flaring in the breeze. She spun so much that she ended up on the couch, flat on her back. Her mother came in and checked on her, and smiled as she her fairy princess having so much fun. She went over to the couch and sat next to her, placing her on her lap. giving her a big hug, telling her how much mommy and daddy loved her. She placed her on the floor, taking her hand, she led her to the kitchen, and asked her if she was hungry. It was getting time for lunch. She went to the cupboards and opened them up. She reached in and got a can of tomato soup. She opened it up and placed it in a small pan. Turning the burner on, she then prepared a grilled cheese sandwich for her. Meal all prepared, placing the glass of cold, chocolate milk in front of her plate, she sat next to her and they talked about upcoming plans while she ate her lunch. After lunch, there would be a short play time at the park. Mommy would push her on the swings. and watch her slide down the slide, and would take pictures of her having fun. After the park, they walk back home, and it would be rest time for her. The next day they would spend shopping for new school clothes. Pre-K would be starting in less than two weeks. They would purchase pretty dresses, with matching socks, and new shoes. Perhaps a couple of pleated skirts, with nice white, cotton blouses. She would be the prettiest girl in the class. The teacher would call on her so often,she would become the teacher’s pet. She squealed with delight, clapping her hands together, jumping up and down. She couldn’t wait to start school. Mother walked her into her bedroom, and pulled back the covers, and tucked her in for her afternoon nap. She was so excited about going shopping tomorrow and starting school, that she couldn’t sleep. Mother read to her, but it didn’t help. Today, there would be no nap. She went into the kitchen, and climbed on the red stool, and watched her mother prepare the chicken for dinner. Mother washed the chicken, and dried it. She sprinkled things on top, and placed it in a roasting pan, and covered it with foil. After placing it in the hot oven, she took some potatoes out of the refrigerator and started peeling them. She stopped, realizing that her daughter may be bored just watching, so she got her two home-made sugar cookies and a glass of milk. She squeezed her cheek, and said she was the best daughter a mother could ever ask for. She went back to peeling her potatoes, and placed them in cold, salted water. Now preparations were done for dinner. Daughter was done with her snack. They went into the living room and turned on the television and found a show they both enjoyed and sat and watched it. The door opened, and father walked in. Mother got up and met him with a small peck on the cheek, and asked him how his day was. He came over and sat down between them and they talked about their day.  Mother went back to the kitchen and finished putting the dinner together. They sat down and held hands saying grace. After dinner, father placed her on his shoulders and carried her to the bathroom where she brushed her teeth, and changed into her pajamas. He walked her to her bedroom and helping her get into bed, he finished the evening off reading her a bed time story. All tucked in, and father telling her to have sweet dreams, he turned the lights off, and closed the door, leaving a crack of light shining through. She drifted off to sleep. When she awoke, she was still dressed in her clothes she had worn to bed. She looked out the window, and saw grey skies, and the threat of rain. She walked from her bedroom out to the tiny living room in their apartment. No one was there. Mom still wasn’t home from work last night. She was a bar tender at a local bar, and sometimes stayed over, not coming home until morning. She walked to the cupboards, opening them and finding nothing. In the refrigerator, there was a half of a sandwich that mom had brought home with her from her last night of work. She took the sandwich out and walked over to the couch, and flipped on the TV, but didn’t find anything she wanted to watch. She flipped it back off, and finished her sandwich. She walked over to the window, watching the cars going by in both directions. She saw a policeman standing on the corner, talking to someone. She walked back to her bedroom, and climbed back under the covers, hoping to catch more sleep so she could finish her dream.

26 thoughts on “Sugar Plums Dance In Her Head

  1. I kept reading…and had a slight uneasiness about it…was this the day in the life of a young girl and her wonderful Mom…or was it???…I couldn’t get a handle on it…and then there it was!…a wonderful piece of writing that had brought my feelings to the surface…YOU DID GOOD! ~mkg


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