Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Terri nominated me for this wonderful award. She believes that I am inspiring to others. I often feel that my stories are sad. Although true to the word, sad. If I am inspiring others, it is through a connection you and I share with caring for others with mental illness, and physical illness. Thank you Terri for this heart felt award. Life is not all happy and giggles. Sometimes life is filled with grief, and despair. Disappointments and sorrows. Through our journey’s of life, unexpected tragedies and sorrow can once again bring us closer to God.


You all know by now who and what I am about.

I feel pain, when my children are hurting

If I receive an unknown phone number call, I answer it in a foreign voice

I love to watch my brother sneak into the cookie jar to grab a cookie, and turn around to see if I am watching, and if I am , he grins real big at me

I love orderliness. I often think God gives me these challenges to show me I can deal with a little mess


For my nominations I would love to tell you about  for her compassion about life  she writes beautiful, heart felt poetry  she is so strong in her faith. it is an honor to read her blogs


These are just a few I would like to mention

Thank you again Terri

14 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. You deserve the award so much. Your blog may be sad at times, but it inspires by showing us how you deal with it all and make it through the tough times. I sent you a message this morning about how I had failed to save my edited draft that had you and three others as a recipient of the Inspirational Blogger Award…so happy that it came to you through another blogger.


    • as i said earlier, sadness does not always inspire, but i do love him and want the best. thank you so much apple!!! i will just have to get this in my head, that i somehow help others also


  2. Congrats Terry, and thanks for nominating me! My writing tends toward humor, but I do have compassion for folks like you who sacrifice so much to care for others. When I took care of my cuz, we shared a lot of laughter between those tears.


    • yes, your writings are humorous, but there is compassion in your words. an understanding of how to use the words to reach out to others to help them feel what you say, i hope you enjoy your award!!


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