The Words Were Spoken

Get Behind Me Satan

Get Behind Me Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, my brother was very quiet all days. The only motions that you saw from him was his active tremors. I didn’t see tears, there was no swearing. Last night, there was a little more of what I am used to seeing. He asked the weather man on TV why he had to keep repeating the forecast, and then he would answer the question for them. He is getting pretty good at carrying on two-sided conversations. Most of the times that I went to his room to check on him, he was reading the Bible. Or her was lying on his bed, watching his TV. All in all it was a pretty good day. He gets up this morning and he is still fairly mellow. He eats his pancakes for breakfast, and says very little. The caregiver comes to give him his shower, and instead of becoming very chatty, he has not spoken one word. We, three always spend a few moments prior to the shower, catching up on what has been happening since the last time she was here. My brother always has plenty to say. I did find this kind of odd, the quietness. As always, she says to him that it is time to go get the shower and she helps him up off of the couch. He is standing up, hanging on to his cane, knees buckled, and with a calm face, he says, He is sitting right here. I said who is sitting there? Where? He points to his shoulder and says Satan. Satan is sitting right here on my shoulder, this shoulder here. He points to his shoulder. Next out of his mouth, explains all the quietness yesterday. He says to me, Satan has been talking to me. I am frozen in my seat. I am not sure I am breathing, it is so shallow. I didn’t say a word, looking into his eyes. He said the most soul grabbing comment to me. I had never heard a human talk like this before. He said, Satan has been telling me he is almost finished with me. He has almost completed his job. My eyes bugged out of my head. My jaw dropped. Tears came from out of nowhere. The caregiver, bounced her eyes from him to me. Somebody say something! Silence the silence! I said, the only thing I could possibly think of. The only thing I knew to be true. I told him, you have been spending a lot of time reading your Bible and a lot of time praying. Satan is mad at you and  he is just letting you know that he doesn’t like it that you want to be with God more than him. I said, remember when we were kids, and I had something that you wanted? You would cry and tell mom that  it was your turn to play with the toy? His head went in the direction of the floor, and his knees buckled, and I saw tears actually falling to the floor. He shook his head remembering back to us kids sharing our toys. I told him this is the same thing. Satan wants you to be with him more than he wants you to be with God. Before I could add any other stupid comments, that were coming from out of no where land, he looks up at me, and says, it is almost over. I asked in the softest whisper I have ever heard come out of my mouth, what is almost over? He looked me straight in the eye, with tears still dripping and legs shaking. Satan said I am going to die. When I read my Bible, God tells me my pains are going to leave soon. Getting these words out of his mouth, were so hard for him, that he falls  back in to the couch. We all sit in silence. Each of us  in our own minds, letting this information sink, but it won’t sink. It is spinning and spinning never touching solid mass. The unspoken thoughts, and fears that remain in my head have been said out loud by him.  No one is speaking. It seemed like hours but only minutes, then a hush was heard from with in these walls. He says, I don’t have much time left.

43 thoughts on “The Words Were Spoken

  1. Sometimes I wish I had the ‘right’ words or comment to share. But all I can say, and I hope this helps, is that your brother is in the best hands he can ever be in. And God’s not letting either one of you go. Stay strong and prayerful Terry.


    • Tahlitha,,,,,,,,,,,,my brother believes totally that Satan is on his shoulder. I have prayed today, but nothing has helped. what should i do? do I need the house cleansed? I am not catholic, so i have no priest, or does my brother need to do this himself? since it is him that is being bothered


      • I know saying pray doesn’t always like the right answer but it is.

        If there is somewhere in your home where you can physically and emotionally be alone, go there and pray for your brother. Pray passionately, uncontrollably, and unrehearsed. Tell Satan that he can not have your brother, and mean it, in the name of Jesus, call Satan a liar, and mean it, in the name of Jesus. And believe, believe, believe that God is listening and that Jesus has already won.

        Here are a few verses from Psalm 91:9-16 (say them outloud)

        If I make the Lord my refuge, if I make the Most High my shelter / no evil will conquer me, no plague will come near my home. / For He will order His angels to protect me and my brother wherever we go. / They will hold us up with their hands so we won’t even hurt our foot on a stone. / We will trample upon lions and cobras; we will crush fierce lions and serpents under our feet.

        The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name. / When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them. / I will reward them with a long life and give them my salvation.”

        Terry, you and your brother are in my prayers. Prayer works, young lady, stay strong my friend.


      • Tahlitha, i have copied and printed this, and I will use this today. thank you so much. this helps tremendously…………..thank u dear friend


  2. Oh the memories this brings back. “My time here is short” she told me one morning. I looked at her eyes and saw a calm in them I had never seen before and a sadness in her face. “Joe Angel I love you! Please take good care of my daughter” were the next words out of her mouth. I fought back the tears and promised her I would look after her entire family as well. She went home three weeks later and my heart broke.

    I do take good care of her daughter, my wife
    Ann, and look after her other children.
    Elizabeth is now stage five dementia and Sandy is showing signs now also. But, I love them all and make sure they are comfortable.

    I pray for your peace and comfort Terry and the comfort of your brother. I also ask the Father to place His protective hands around both of you and to push satan back.

    Remember, we are here to help and you both are loved by us.




    • thank you Ed. how comforting your words are to me. I am sorry for your loss, and in my heart I know my time is coming also with my brother. i know that you truly understand what i have been saying. in a way i wish you didn’t, but it is nice to have this from you. thank you again. god bless


      • You know, Terry, on those moments that you feel He’s barely listening, He’s in you, both in you and in your brother, He wanted to make sure that no matter how tough you guys are going through, you guys could make it, thats why he’s there. Otherwise, one of you could have given up the fight already. The mere fact you are writing about it, and we are talking about, God is with you, God is with us. So hang in there, keep hanging in there!


  3. Terry, turn that Praise and Worship on and leave it playing all day and all night!! Fasting and praying would be a good idea as well! Your brother needs spiritual support more than anything right now! Make him say the words “get thee behind me satan” or “Satan I bind you up over my life”… If you can get him to join in praise and worship… I will be praying!!!


  4. Terry, turn on that praise and worship on and leave it on all day and all night. If you can get his to join in worship and get him to bind up the devil over his life that would be great!! Fasting and staying in worship would be great on your part! I know you’re tired!! Press through! The devil is a lier!!!! Remind your brother of this truth!! I will be praying for you!


  5. Terry, so glad that so many people are supporting you here .. and carries you. This Satan I have massive problems with – so I don’t want to go there, but try to explain to him that Satan isn’t present, because he is not !!!


  6. Your life and writing reads like a REALLY great screenplay. Amazing words that spill from your heart, splashing onto paper, it’s such an amazing gift. My heart goes out to you, and all my love, prayers, and well wishes to you. Hugsssss..



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  8. Omg. Does he really think he’s hearing Satan as in hearing voices, or does he just believe he has been bad in his time and Satan rather than god is calling? Do you think the doctor should see him? Talk about it with him?


    • he swears satan is sitting on his left shoulder. he has been, how do i say it, non existant? in a way. he says that he knows he does not have much time left. what ever is going on, i know that he believes it. i feel like i should have a saonce? wrong spelling, i know


  9. Oh my! I am so sorry to read this. If it were me, I would contact my priest, pastor, etc. to come and visit with him. I watched my mom pass away and in the final days she knew and she told us she knew. SHe said some very comforting things to us though. She always downplayed it and wanted to make us laugh, she didn’t want us to cry. She wanted everyone to get along, b/c none of us could agree on the doctor’s treatment, decisions that needed to be made, etc.
    Maybe your brother’s levels are off and he may have an infection which will affect his cognition. That happened with my grandfather. It was a bladder infection that spread to his blood (sepsis). His blood was carrying toxins to his brain which was causing him to see and hear nonexistant things. As soon as the sepsis was cleared, he was back to normal. I hope you guys find an answer soon.


    • i m considering this option. although i have prayed for him, he still feels Satan is there. I don’t understand Cookie. My brother believes in God. reads his bible constantly. he swears he doesn’t have much time to live, but where is satan at in this with god being inside my brother?


      • Maybe its his fears that are taking over. When people are in a weakened state their minds tend to veer into the dark fears that we all hold. His love for God is strong and God is in him, but fears have a way of making you mind think differently. He just needs reassurance and maybe from an authority in religion it may hold more weight. I still suggest the Dr visit too just in case


  10. Prayers again tonight for you and your brother. Perhaps this is something you could pass along to him. I pray that he will stay strong and keep seeking God through his Bible reading. I pray that this example will help with what he talked about tonight. Blessings to you both.

    Matthew 4
    8 Finally, the devil took Jesus up on a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms on earth and their power. 9 The devil said to him, “I will give all this to you, if you will bow down and worship me.”
    10 Jesus answered, “Go away Satan! The Scriptures say: ‘Worship the Lord your God
    and serve only him.’”
    11 Then the devil left Jesus, and angels came to help him.


  11. Terry, oh, this is so hard to say, because I don’t know you well and don’t want to say A THING that will offend you, but I trust that you will take these as kind words: I was thinking about your brother a few days ago and had that feeling, I don’t know why, I can’t explain. I don’t know about the Satan part, and I think what you said was kind of nifty, I mean, I wouldn’t know what to say either, the comparison you made to sharing toys, I don’t know, seems kind of sweet to me, not stupid at all, but here’s the thing, I do believe he knows. I think a lot of people know when their time is almost done. Love him, love him, love him. I so hope you don’t take offense, please believe I mean none. None of us can truly know what another knows. LOVE TO YOU, huge bucket loads.


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