My Brother’s Birthday Surprise From You to Him

May 3rd, is my brother’s birthday. To me this is a very special birthday, as he is not feeling that well any longer. His Parkinson’s and Dementia have slowed down his life quite a bit. I am no longer sure if he will be with me next year here at home or not. For this reason, I have made a special Facebook page dedicated just to him. I am going to print it off after his birthday is over so that he can keep it and read all the birthday wishes from so many loved ones. I want him to be able to look at it when he is feeling sickly and realize people care. Won’t you please help me by stopping by at the link I am providing and wish him a Happy 57? Just call him Al. Here is the link


This will mean more to me than him I am sure. The memories will be for me to cling to in later times. Will you all please do this for me?

Thank you,


A blogger friend

41 thoughts on “My Brother’s Birthday Surprise From You to Him

  1. Terry, I have posted on my blog your link, and relayed your wishes. I hope you don’t mind that it isn’t a reblog, but I also wanted to explain what a gift you and your brother have given to me and to encourage people to visit your sight and the FB page. Take care, and thank you again for just being you.


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  3. What a wonderful gift .. has been in and checking it out – well done. Even if he don’t understand you can show him … add funny things, write about the happy moments .. he has and you have. Wonderful.


  4. God bless you in your all of your tasks and efforts, Terry. I did leave a FB message–what a nice way to remind your brother, and all of us, really, that we are all connected and that we can do so much for someone simply by wishing him well. All the best to you, too!


    • I use WordPress only. Your setting are crucial. If everything is set according to your likings, spam will be filtered. I do not have any problems anymore. Please check this out. There is Blog Farm and Plinky also


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