My First Day Of Alone Time

Although, the eye awoke to total gray, there was an excitement stirring inside. Anxious feet jumped out of bed, making their way to the bathroom for morning business. A splash of water on the eyes, to pop them open, a spot of toothpaste on the brush, to chase the over night cotton mouth away. Back in the bedroom, there was much thought put into the clothes to be worn this day. Comfort had to be a priority. There would be much walking today, and there was no desire to have any extra aches and pains from wearing the uncomfortable clothes. When I am home all day, I tend to throw on something, anything for casual wear. With not expecting any company, nor planning to go anywhere, who cares what rests upon this body? Today, though is different. Comfort and attractive. I am not a thin person, but I do believe I can dress for the opposite eyes to gaze my way, with careful planning. I want to stop the thought process for a moment, and tell you of my dream I had last night. I would really appreciate your input on this. My brother worked for a linen company for many years. They were a laundry company, cleaning linens, mops, changing out mats, pretty much anything a company or restaurant would use and need cleaned. The owners  of the company were a very nice Christian family. They thought a lot of my brother through-out his life work there, and they worked very hard to accommodate my brother’s medical issues. When my brother had his heart attack, and it became time to return to work, they gave him more chances than anyone should have  to try to do the work, but unfortunately, he had slowed down in his body and could not come close to the percentage work rate, so they had no choice but to let him go. Many tears were shed that day between office personal, bosses, and my brother. In my dream, I saw some of the people coming to our home to wish Al a happy birthday. This morning, the dream was still with me. So the question is, should I call the company and issue an informal invitation to come stop by for a moment to wish him a happy birthday? It would be very informal, no plans to stay, just a run in and out visit, with a few minutes of chat. It has been five years since Al has worked there. When we moved back here from Florida last fall, Al wanted to go visit. We just dropped in on them unexpectedly. They seemed so genuinely happy to see him. They held his arm and walked with him through a short tour of the plant, allowing him to see all his old work friends. As we were ready to leave, they presented him with a T-shirt, with their logo on it, and some trinkets. So with all this information, I would appreciate your honest input. I am not the one who should decide, because if it were left up to me, I would scream it to the world, hey world! it is my brother’s birthday! come say hello to him. I will need this decision by tomorrow, as time is running short. Alright, so now that dream part if over. I pick out my clothes. A pair of skinny white stretch pants with lace on the bottom edges, a blue tank top with a built-in bra, so I don’t have to mess with a regular bra, and a peach colored long-tailed cotton shirt. I slip on my socks and shoes, spray on some of my perfume, and go comb my hair. I glance in the mirror,and the reflection glancing back at me, is never the one I actually see in my mind, but I look alright, am clean and cutely dressed. I will have five hours all to myself. I plan to get my hair trimmed, by Al his birthday gift. I have a written list ready to go with me, of foods I need to get, and odds and ends, I don’t want to have to return to the store later to get, so they have stars beside them.  It will not be a day of leisure for me, but it will be a day of less stress. I am looking forward to my first day of alone time.

Balloons over World Rowing Event

Balloons over World Rowing Event (Photo credit: possumgirl2)

22 thoughts on “My First Day Of Alone Time

  1. I’m usually so honest with my thoughts…people sometimes wonder… I just say, “Think if this could make him more depressed or would this make him happy?…Sometimes old ties can do this to us…but, in the end you will get your answer through the God that has been directing you…mkg


  2. I smiled as I read that. So thrilled about your day out!! I say yes on the invitation! They sound like good people, and I think it could be a wonderful celebration for your brother. 🙂


  3. Will your brother recognize and be happy to see the people you speak of? i’m not sure of his cognitive ablilities.Sometimes ‘crowds’ can be intimidating…..But speaking from my heart I say..Go for it…Even if only a few drop by it will bring him I think comfort and he will remember…Diane


  4. So glad that you got some time for yourself – so wonderful to read you relaxed and happy you’re for a change. Understand it has worked out well with the help you got. So thrilled.
    Regarding the party – I think you all ready made up your mind .. deep inside, otherwise you wouldn’t bring it up. Just go for it !!!!!


    • i swear we are sisters, as you know me so well. you are right, i knew it inside i think, i just need someone to reassure my desire. i did call them and they are spreading the word.. love ya my friend, Viveka


  5. You’re an amazing sister and I’m sure you will find the right answer. For me, I just pray to God and ask for the answer, which also includes asking others too. As they sound genuine, and your brother likes them too, a visit seems good. 😀 Happy Birthday to him! I didn’t write it on the FaceBook, but do wish him a wonderful day!



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