Versatile Award

I have once again been nominated for this wonderful award, Versatile Award.

I am not going to say anything new about myself on here, as I have told anything news worthy about me already. If you have a question for me,,,,,,,,feel free to ask. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, I probably have, lol, and if I have please bear with me, and if not, this is new readings for you. For many months and months I had prayed to our wonderful Lord to make me useful. You see, in my eyes, it is not a normal thing to stay home and not do anything. Of course, I care for my brother, tending to all of his medical needs, but in society’s eyes, this can be looked at as lazy, and no good. I prayed for God to help me be useful to someone else. I thought that what I was doing here inside these walls was not useful. One day, God lead me to this blog site. I prayed for him to help me to help someone else. He did answer my prayer on March 6th, 2012. He has made me understand that the care I give my brother is very important work in God’s eyes. He has helped me to reach out to others and share , allowing others to not feel so alone. Sometimes when we are looking for the miracle, or the answered prayer, we are blinded by not seeing it right in front of us. I don’t have to be a star on TV, nor a cheer leader for a sports team. I just have to be me, a child of God. It was too simple, and I never realized it until all of you started responding to my stories. I thank God for each of you every night when I lie down to go to sleep. You have made me feel needed, and you have provided me comfort through my journey with my brother. I thank God for small miracles.


The person who nominated me today is

Thank you for this nomination.

I always hate choosing someone for a new nomination because I don’t want to leave anyone out, but for tonight, I am choosing one.

This is a wonderful blogging site. I am lifted when I am down, and when I am frustrated there are verses given to me

Thank you again,



33 thoughts on “Versatile Award

    • he surprises me every day . he loves me so, and this i know, jesus loves me this i know…………for the bible tells me so……………………you have a wonderful evening also Ed


  1. Why thank you for the nomination! You deserved your award because of how you speak from your heart and lay your life and your present journey in Home Health Care of your brother out there to help another on the same journey. Being a home heathcare provider is one of the hardest jobs you can do. It is hard because you have to realize the deteroration in your loved one, be willing to face it head on, and love and care for them as only a parent could, even though you are not the parent. You give up just about all your life to do that too, knowing that the only reward you will get from it is in Heaven…and you, my sister in Christ, have a very special blessing waiting for you in Heaven!


    • these are such kind words, i am choking up. thank you so much for…………i hope you enjoy your reward!!! i do have to agree with you on what you said about the caregiver part. this is so different. you get attached to other jobs that you care for people, but when it is your own family, much different. when i started to care for my brother over four years ago, i had just buried our father who i had cared for and held him while he passed away in my arms from leukemia. now it leaves only my brother and i left of all the family. i look forward to you comments. i feel your sincerity and you are genuine. thank you


      • Thank you for those kind words. It is different…being a care giver in medical places or for those who aren’t related, you can walk away from for a while each day, but when it is for a family member, it is 24/7, and each day brings a new challenge to deal with and a fresh cut to the heart. God knows that and will carry you through. When it gets hard he will put those in your life to help you through it. He never fails and never will.


  2. I think its great you take the time and respond to these award nominations. Lot of bloggers, when they get “big”, won’t even acknowlege such nomination. Good for you for respecting and appreciating your readers, no matter how busy and popular you are!


    • thank you Chris. if i neglect my bloggers it is a bad thing. i try hard to be thankful for everything. it is when we take things for granted that we lose who we are


  3. Terry … wish you a wonderful evening … and congratulation to you for being in the rainfall of awards, you’re worth everyone of them. You have worked so hard for everything that now are happening in your and your brothers life – you have been a true warrior and you have been remarkable. If it hadn’t been for you …


  4. I too feel blessed by somehow getting connected to you and your Blog…The Lord works His wonders though…in giving us what we need without us knowing it…I do think I hear a little more happiness in your voice…Youor voice…being your writings… Blessings! ~mkg


    • you know babyjill? that break yesterday made a bigger difference to me than i thought it would. i didn’t know at the time how much i needed it. it had been over a year since i had time to myself


  5. Anyone who would see, being home and taking care of a human as lazy is crazy. Your life’s work is remarkable, and you will always be remembered… Congrats on your award.


    • Shian, thanks from the bottom of my heart. i don’t know what i will do if i don’t have him here with me at one time. i love him so much. it is definitely a challenge, but i would not trade this job for any other


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