I Am Special

As expected, Al’ birthday rolled in with bright sunshine and warm temperatures. He had asked me last night if he could go to breakfast for his birthday, and I agreed. Knowing this, I forced myself to get up much earlier so that I would have that time for me. Drink my coffee, get on the computer for a bit. He got up and came out with no smile, but a small twinkle I could see in his eyes. Yes, he had no dementia this morning, he knew it was his special day. I read him the birthday wishes from so many people. He smiled and smiled. I was amazed at how many had gone to the Facebook page and had wished him wishes. Even people I did not know, had made a visit to the page. He was ready to go. There was no waiting! I was ready also, so off we went. We lowered the windows and opened the sun roof and turned the radio on. As soon as I was about to pull out of the drive way, the radio announcer announced birthdays for today. The first one called was Al’s. He looked at me in a stunned look, and asked how they knew this. I told him I had called and told them. He said to me, you must think I am special. I said, you are! You are my baby brother, I love you very much. You are very special to me! He smiled so big. The pride just pours through my heart and spills over when I see that I helped him to smile. He had his list with him from all the birthday wishes I had printed off. He was guarding it like a dog guards his owner.(Thank you to all of you who helped make his day so grand!) We went to his favorite restaurant, the one that has the pharmacy and soda fountain inside. He walked in so proud. Although his knees were buckling, and his shoulders slumped, I could see the gleam in his eye and the smile was from ear to ear. As we made our way back to the soda fountain, everyone in the pharmacy yelled out happy birthday to him. I don’t think Al could have been any happier than he was today. They had a birthday card waiting for him, and his breakfast was on the house. He was just in awe. He had never felt this way in all the years I have known him. We went home and for lunch I had gotten  him a small birthday cake, so he had a piece of that. He doesn’t know about the big coca cola cake he will see on his party this Saturday. After lunch was over, I went down to get the mail. There was a big box there and a birthday card. I brought it back to him and he could not open the card. I said this is alright, you have me here to help. So I opened it for him and he read it and it was another card from the restaurant, and it had a gift certificate for another meal.  This pleased him. With my help opening the box, he received many nice gifts inside. A shirt, some candies, a cute fuzzy writing pen, a key ring. All he could speak is, I must be special. For a brief moment, I pondered on why he would think he was not special, then I let it go, and enjoyed the moment with him. This day was fantastic for him. It was all about him. No doctor appointments, no phone calls, no having errands to run. Just all about him. I can’t wait until he sees all the people here on Saturday just for him and his coca cola cake!

I Am Learning From You

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I find it fascinating when I read everyone’s blogs, of what interests lies from within each person. I also find it sad, when I see bloggers that feel like they have to hurt others if the other person does not agree. I have read blogs about recipes, that look so wonderful, they make my mouth water, and I have seen recipes and photos of food, that I  have never heard of  before, wondering if I would enjoy it. There are blogs that come from young men and ladies, trying to find their place in this world. I get much enjoyment from reading these youthful blogs, as I can go back in my own memories, and remember what little insignificant item was a really big deal. I read many blogs about people who have depression, and I find this so sad. Or, there are several that have lost their spouses, or boyfriends or girlfriends and feel so completely alone, staggering through the healing process. These, I can relate to, as I think most of us at one time or another have lost that first crush, or the person we thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives with. I have learned much through these readings. I have learned about atheists. I barely know how to spell it, let alone understand it. Reading about why issues are so important to each individual, is a way to get to know the blogger without knowing them in person. I have made some really close friends on here without ever having met them. When we write, we are opening our souls for the world to see. We don’t need fancy clothes, or make-up on our faces. Our hair does not need to be even brushed. There is no way you can impress me other than through your words. I have had bloggers that read every single one of my stories, and I have had bloggers who I don’t recognize. I have been forced to get on bended knee and thank God for all of my little blessing I receive daily. I am learning each day to recognize these small blessings. Many of you may not even recognize them if you were here with me. God makes blessings so unique, they are special fitted just for us, like a well fitted, tailored suit. Before, I started blogging, I had no one to really talk to about my struggles. I would talk to my children, but inside of me, I would feel like a broken record, and I am sure I was boring them. It is not until you have cared for someone, or lost someone who you truly loved to  understand another persons position. I have three bloggers that are with me daily, no matter what day of the week. They are encouraging, and uplifting. They offer words of comfort along with bible verses. I hate to admit it, but I am a person who can’t seem to concentrate very well. Reading my bible is sometimes a chore for me, because my mind wanders to Al, or doctor appointments, or things I need to do and get done. I feel guilt over this because I was taught to keep my nose to the book. Read a chapter, understand it each day. Sometimes when I read, I am reading without understanding. Thanks to bloggers, I have been taught verses, and their explanations, and where I can find them in the good book. For me personally, this has been a huge blessing.  I have not been alone one time since I started blogging in March. I have comfort when ever I am online. God has used my computer and my fingers, and with his help, has helped me to help others and to help myself. The way I see it, this is a huge blessing, that took me quite awhile to recognize it. I am in the word each day, sometimes several hours a day. I pray for others who are suffering. I recognize my own weaknesses and ask for help from you and our loving God.  I have been blessed with wonderful awards for the words I write. I don’t feel as if I deserve them. I don’t use big words that I have to find a dictionary to spell and understand. I have had no formal training in writing skills and classes. I have only been through partial college. I write from my heart, in an elementary style understanding. In the past two months I have learned much from you, and I have been blessed by you. I was asked last night by a blogger friend if I would start a quote sight. They told me they would be the first to join. This made me feel so good inside to know that others were understanding and enjoying my words. Last month I started a new blog page about calming music. So as of this morning here at WordPress, you can find three different web pages by me.  The sight you are on now, where I write short stories to warm the heart and soul, and the two others are http://mymusicthatcalmsme.wordpress.com/   music to sleep to, relax, and enjoy, and my latest one http://quotes4meandyou.wordpress.com/  this is a brand new page, with only three quotes in it, so far. It is mainly soul thoughts. If any of you would like to add a favorite quote of yours, and you don’t mind it being on my own blog, I will add it to the list, so that we may all share. I want to thank each of you for being here for me, for your advice, your prayers, your laughter and your tears that we have shared together. God Bless each of you