I Am Special

As expected, Al’ birthday rolled in with bright sunshine and warm temperatures. He had asked me last night if he could go to breakfast for his birthday, and I agreed. Knowing this, I forced myself to get up much earlier so that I would have that time for me. Drink my coffee, get on the computer for a bit. He got up and came out with no smile, but a small twinkle I could see in his eyes. Yes, he had no dementia this morning, he knew it was his special day. I read him the birthday wishes from so many people. He smiled and smiled. I was amazed at how many had gone to the Facebook page and had wished him wishes. Even people I did not know, had made a visit to the page. He was ready to go. There was no waiting! I was ready also, so off we went. We lowered the windows and opened the sun roof and turned the radio on. As soon as I was about to pull out of the drive way, the radio announcer announced birthdays for today. The first one called was Al’s. He looked at me in a stunned look, and asked how they knew this. I told him I had called and told them. He said to me, you must think I am special. I said, you are! You are my baby brother, I love you very much. You are very special to me! He smiled so big. The pride just pours through my heart and spills over when I see that I helped him to smile. He had his list with him from all the birthday wishes I had printed off. He was guarding it like a dog guards his owner.(Thank you to all of you who helped make his day so grand!) We went to his favorite restaurant, the one that has the pharmacy and soda fountain inside. He walked in so proud. Although his knees were buckling, and his shoulders slumped, I could see the gleam in his eye and the smile was from ear to ear. As we made our way back to the soda fountain, everyone in the pharmacy yelled out happy birthday to him. I don’t think Al could have been any happier than he was today. They had a birthday card waiting for him, and his breakfast was on the house. He was just in awe. He had never felt this way in all the years I have known him. We went home and for lunch I had gottenΒ  him a small birthday cake, so he had a piece of that. He doesn’t know about the big coca cola cake he will see on his party this Saturday. After lunch was over, I went down to get the mail. There was a big box there and a birthday card. I brought it back to him and he could not open the card. I said this is alright, you have me here to help. So I opened it for him and he read it and it was another card from the restaurant, and it had a gift certificate for another meal.Β  This pleased him. With my help opening the box, he received many nice gifts inside. A shirt, some candies, a cute fuzzy writing pen, a key ring. All he could speak is, I must be special. For a brief moment, I pondered on why he would think he was not special, then I let it go, and enjoyed the moment with him. This day was fantastic for him. It was all about him. No doctor appointments, no phone calls, no having errands to run. Just all about him. I can’t wait until he sees all the people here on Saturday just for him and his coca cola cake!

51 thoughts on “I Am Special

  1. He is special and it is his birthday, happy birthday Al! What a beautiful day he had and all the special gifts he was given. I am almost as excited as him. Praise the Lord!!

    Walk daily with God at your side!



    • i loved giving to him this day. i wish i could do it every day. it gives me so much pleasure to give to him anything i can to put a smile on his face. thank you my dear Ed


    • i don’t think he feels this way. he always thinks i am bossing him. i try hard not to but i have to guide him through the day, and he wants to be on his own, and i wish he could for his sake, but i have to do what i have to do to keep him safe. thank you for your nice comment train


  2. You’re post brought tears to my eyes! Please wish Al’ a Happy Birthday from the Moore’s πŸ™‚ I’m so glad his day was so special for him! I hope he has a great birthday party!!


  3. So happy for Al first of all and for you of course that you got a great day .. and I have a feeling that they went with any drama, because it was a special day for him and he knew that. It was his birthday and he was proud over it – nothing in the world could spoil that for him, because he was mentally his mind was so full of it. He made that decision him self. I truly believe that. So Terry, maybe try to create more special day – start talking about it for days in advance, so he can set his mind to it. Reading this it seams like he does the same with the doctors appointment and he knows that it’s not fun and complected, so he have already made up in his mind – and that’s why the dramas happen, because it always been some kind of drama connected with his doctors visit. Can’t be 100% on this, but his birthday proves that when he are expecting something nice – nice happens for him.


    • that is a very good idea Viveka. I will try to do this more often. tonight i am taking him to a car show. i hope he gets to go. he is not having a good day so far, and the chance of rain is here. thanks for the wonderful comment


  4. This is so sweet! awww… i grew up as an only child, and i’m just smiling thinking ‘this kid is blessed to have such a caring sibling’. I like how you worded the entire experience…like a little movie in my mind’s eye, a little happy movie lol. I just saw the post so, please give him a “Happy Belated Birthday” for me, please and thank you πŸ™‚


  5. Love this post. Especially that part about ‘why would he think he is not special’ as I believe we all suffer from this lack of self-belief syndrome. So delighted (and slightly in awe of) the Coca Cola cake! Yummmmmm..



    • i can hardly stand it! I want to show him the cake tonight, but i knew how i would be so this is why i am picking it up tomorrow in the morning. i am a sucker for giving . i get the most joy out of it. i will post pics tomorrow nite or sunday of it Pink


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