Kreativ Blogger and Very Inspiring Blogging Award

I was trying to reach out to all of my emails. I am dragging behind, not by choice, but getting everything done for Al’s birthday has very much consumed my time this week. I am sorry, and will get back on track. I don’t mean to ignore any of you. I came to one of my comments and discovered I had been awarded these two awards by

She has an amazing blog. She is a strong Christian and takes wonderful photos. Check out her blog






There is nothing left for me to tell you about myself. you know all about me by now, so I would like to nominate some new friends I have made on here:

Thank you Francine. This means a lot to me!!!

Oh, I can tell you one thing about me. I have shopped for so many days for this birthday party, that I can actually say, I don’t want to see another store for some time! Did I say that?

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