No Routine Here

Autumn crocuses at Killerton. Growing in the s...

Autumn crocuses at Killerton. Growing in the shade of a tree, with Sedum in a border in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you get used to your every day routine? I think I do. I proved it to myself most of today. The sun was out, the weather perfect. I cleaned our home from yesterday’s party. Mopped my kitchen floor. Went outside and finished putting everything back in the shed, that I wasn’t going to be needing for a while. I stopped and sat down, and went down yesterday’s memories. Reliving the time my daughter and I spent on the swing, just sitting side by side, with sometimes no talking. Watching my grandchildren, running and playing. Laughing so easily, no worries or concerns in their innocent, little minds. I watched my son, who I have secretly named my Grill Chef. He flipped hamburgers so easily, as if he had done it his whole life. He split wood and never let the fires get low. He managed to spend his time at the grill and also pay attention to his family. It gives me great joy to see the children I bore, become outstanding adults. I see qualities in each of my kids, that I am so proud of. The friends who came for the party were so kind. The attention they gave to Al was genuine. I am truly blessed to have these people in my lives. I sat on my swing, and laid my hand on the spot beside me, trying to bring back the presence of my daughter. A tear formed for just a moment, as I miss her so much. I got up from the swing and walked around my home, looking at the freshly cut grass, done by my son only yesterday. I see the neighbors homes and know each of them well enough, that if there were an emergency, I could go to them. I feel safe here. There is a peace in our yard as I look at the huge shade trees all around. I see the birds and the squirrels who have come to depend on me for their treats. Today is certainly different. Al has had no tears today. He told me he is emotional at supper. I asked him what he meant, and he said he didn’t know why, he just was. I suppose it may have to do with the silence of today versus the noise of yesterday. I have not had the phone ring once today. I have left the television off for most of the day also. I have heard no swearing. This is not a normal day for me, but a day I have truly enjoyed. It is nice to have a day with out routine.

29 thoughts on “No Routine Here

  1. The tranquil sounds of peace! God has spread His hands over your household with tranquil peace, abiding love and wonderful blessings after such a wonderful gathering for Al’s big day. Life is grand and you have been blessed.

    Walk daily with God at your side!




  2. Quiet after the storm … I call it… with Grandkids the night before until the next mid-morning… then, when they leave… I miss them… thankful for the little memories they left… but, yet ready for my routine… Whatever our routine is… it’s ours…and seems to bring peace to us… have a good day! ~mkg


    • thank you Mona. that is a much appreciated remark. i am trying so hard to give him memories. i slowly see him forgetting things that he used to know so well, and i want him to have these memories for as long as possible


  3. What a wonderful and enjoyable post … about your enjoyment and the togetherness with your family. I honest think that both you and Al need more special days … not only birthdays – can be created out of small things, but something to look forward too. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. You and Al are so worth it.


    • thank you my friend! today i am taking him out to lunch just to get his mind off of himself. today he is being haunted by death. he keeps telling me he feels something inside. it is so hard for me to listen to this, so lunch it is for a short time of forgetting his pains


      • Not so good about this death feeling and maybe that’s a good platform for a day out, but I hope it will change his mind setting. I can imagine that it’s tough to listen to – it there anywhere he really like to go … that is close to the lunch – to cheer him up before the eating, so his dark mind will be brighten up. Good luck, my friend.


      • Good luck with your day out .. will be thinking of you. Is there no fun place near by. Know you lives out in the country.


      • the problem today is that it is raining, and only low temps. the one thing that can bring Al down quicker than anything, is colds. his body being weak from Parkinson’s, he will be unable to fight the cold, which quickly turns into a hospital stay, so just the eating out today, but hopefully tomorrow, a better day


      • Terry, you are probably right .. Weather can have an awful effect on anyone. We hope for better weather tomorrow. In your replay I notice that you’re not so worried about his state of mind – not upset, even if you tired of it. That is a great change in you, maybe you have start looking at things in a new way. Whatever it’s – I like the new Terry a lot.


  4. I enjoyed your article. Living on a very busy street, I am always happy when I can go someplace where silence reigns. I a couple of favorite places, public parks and gardens where you can, though it’s public, find places to be alone. It’s so peaceful and I find it brings refreshing to body, soul and spirit.

    Also I want to thank you for following my blog. I don’t often post to that one, but if you have the time and inclination, my main blog is and I’d love to have you visit there, too. I am now following your blog. May God bless you richly as you write for Him and share from your heart to your readers.


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