Don’t Be Blinded

There is much to be thankful for

In this world we live in

But pain can blind us

And we can give in.


Not seeing what stands before our eyes

Blinded lies are looking down

Walking away from this that shines

With smiles that have been turned into frowns.


We need to get down on bended knee

Hands together, head bowing low

Thanking God for all he gives

Loving Jesus and letting all know.

Written by,



Prayer (Photo credit: Chris Yarzab)


26 thoughts on “Don’t Be Blinded

      • Stress and having something so very important to do will just sap the life out of you. It is also a sign of being down. You want to just go someplace where you don’t have to do what you have to do…been there, done that, still do it sometimes.


    • that painting used to hang in my parents home over the dining room table. every night at supper i would gaze at it and wonder what he was thinking…i am glad it made you smile timothy


  1. Beautiful poem! I can relate to the immeasureable amount of pain that at times, seems like too much to carry. Yes, it does blind us from seeing the good… those moments, I allow myself to cry, to mourn, to release the pain. Thank you for being real, your words are an encouragement. Hugs to you!


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